Slieve Carr

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Slieve Carr
Slieve Carr is located in island of Ireland
Slieve Carr
Slieve Carr
Location in Ireland
Highest point
Elevation721 m (2,365 ft) [1]
Prominence646 [1]
ListingMarilyn, Hewitt
Coordinates54°04′05″N 9°39′25″W / 54.068°N 9.657°W / 54.068; -9.657Coordinates: 54°04′05″N 9°39′25″W / 54.068°N 9.657°W / 54.068; -9.657
LocationCounty Mayo, Ireland
Parent rangeNephin Range
OSI/OSNI gridF915145

Slieve Carr, also known as Slieve Cor or Corslieve (Irish: Corrshliabh, meaning "conspicuous mountain"),[1] is a mountain with a height of 721 metres (2,365 ft) in County Mayo, Ireland. It is part of the Nephin Range and is beside Nephin Beg. On the summit is a burial cairn known as Laghtdauhybaun, from Leacht Dáithí Bháin, 'burial monument of white Dáithí'. This is believed to refer to Dathí, a king of Connacht in the 5th century.[1]

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