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Sliabh Mór
Slievemore from Dugort
Highest point
Elevation671 m (2,201 ft)
Prominence582 m (1,909 ft)
Parent peakCroaghaun
ListingMarilyn, Hewitt
English translationbig mountain
Language of nameIrish
PronunciationIrish: [ˈʃliːvmor][dubious ]
Slievemore is located in island of Ireland
Location in Ireland÷
LocationMayo, Republic of Ireland
Parent rangeAchill Island
OSI/OSNI gridF650086
Topo mapOSi Discovery 30

Slievemore (Irish: Sliabh Mór) is the second highest peak on Achill Island after Croaghaun, in County Mayo, Ireland. Its elevation is 671 metres.


Achill Archaeological Field School is based at the Achill Archaeology Centre in Dooagh. It was founded in 1991 and is a training school for students of archaeology and anthropology. The school is involved in a study of the prehistoric and historic landscape at Slievemore, incorporating a research excavation at a number of sites within the Deserted Village of Slievemore. The Deserted Village Project started in 1991 with the research objective of completing a thorough archaeological survey of all sites and monuments (prehistoric and historic) that make up the diverse and significant archaeological landscape of Slievemore. Slievemore is rich in archaeological monuments that span a 5000-year period from the Neolithic until at least the 1850s.[1]


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Coordinates: 54°00′33″N 10°03′36″W / 54.00905°N 10.05994°W / 54.00905; -10.05994