Scalp Trouble

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Scalp Trouble
Directed byRobert Clampett
Produced byLeon Schlesinger
StarringMel Blanc (unc.)
Music byCarl Stalling
Animation byNorman McCabe
Robert Cannon (unc.)
John Carey (unc.)
Izzy Ellis (unc.)
Color processBlack and White
Distributed byWarner Bros.
Release date
June 24, 1939
Running time

Scalp Trouble is a 1939 Looney Tunes cartoon directed by Bob Clampett and starring Porky Pig and Daffy Duck. This cartoon was produced by Leon Schlesinger and released by Warner Bros..


General Daffy is commanding a fort, but his troops are a sorry lot, the sorriest easily being Porky is impossible to get out of his bed, that is, until Daffy comes in and breaks the bed. Suddenly a tribe of Indians launch an attack on the fort on horseback; Porky spots this, and tells the other sleeping soldiers; the last "soldier" in line is an Indian with a tomahawk. Suddenly an Indian drinks "Fire Water" and spits out fire, which carves an Indian-shaped hole in front of the fort. Porky then proceeds to fire a cannon, that results in him being jammed against a barrel, after which a short Indian uses a bow leg of a tall Indian to fire arrows. A soldier is keeping score, the score reads, "Ten little Indians." Porky then switches to pistols, and calls for bullets, and Daffy runs towards him in order to complete his request. Daffy then stumbles, which results in him swallowing a box of bullets, spitting them out in the process. Porky thinks quickly and is able to get rid of the Indian invaders, who at the last minute carve into a mountain, "Yanks Beat Indians 11-3" before they take off. After the battle, Daffy is relieved and says, “I’m sure that’s glad That’s over with.”. However, Daffy once again stumbles, and spits out the remaining bullets in his body.

Slightly Daffy[edit]

This cartoon was remade in Technicolor and release on June 17, 1944 under the name Slightly Daffy. Unlike the remakes directed by Clampett, the short is a frame by frame remake, however it features revised voice recordings for the characters, as well as reusing fight gags from Johnny Smith and Poker-Huntas, directed by Tex Avery. The blue ribbon version of the short is approximately 49 seconds shorter then the original short by Clampett.

Slightly Daffy
Directed byI. Freleng
Produced byLeon Schlesinger
StarringMel Blanc (unc.)
Music byCarl W. Stalling
Animation byGerry Chiniquy
Richard Bickenbach (unc.)
Ken Champin (unc.)
Norman McCabe (unc.)
Virgil Ross (unc.)
Color processTechnicolor
Distributed byWarner Bros.
Release date
June 17, 1944
Running time

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