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Developer(s)SlimDX Group
Stable release
January 2012
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows
LicenseMIT license

SlimDX is an open-source API to DirectX programming under .NET Framework. SlimDX can be used from any language under the .NET runtime (due to the CLR).

SlimDX can be used to develop multimedia and interactive applications (e.g. games). Enabling high performance graphical representation and enabling the programmer to make use of modern graphical hardware while working inside the .NET framework.

SlimDX was first publicly revealed in beta form on June 30, 2007. Since then it has grown at a rapid pace and now covers most multimedia APIs provided by Microsoft. As of the June 2008 release, it is no longer in beta and is considered stable. Several commercial projects and companies are using SlimDX, including Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.[1][2]

For the March 2011 release, SlimDX fully supports the following APIs:

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