Slims River

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The former mouth of the Slims River, at Kluane Lake
Slims River in 1992

The Slims River (A'ay Chu) was a glacially fed river in the Canadian territory of Yukon.[1] Until 2016,[2] it originated in the Kaskawulsh Glacier, then ran approximately 15 mi (24 km) into the southern terminus of Kluane Lake.[3]

Over the course of a few days in the spring of 2016 the flow of the river was changed[4]. Where the meltwater of the Kaskawulsh Glacier had been draining in two directions now it was all draining into the south-flowing Kaskawulsh river, and further on into the Gulf of Alaska, drastically reducing the size of the Slims.[5] Researchers attributed the change in flow to manmade climate change; this was the first time manmade climate change was implicated in the reorganization of a river.[6]

The Slims River was purportedly named after a pack horse that drowned while attempting to ford the stream during the 1903 Kluane gold rush.[7] It is crossed by the Alaska Highway at Mile 1065 (Kilometer 1704) just south of its confluence with the lake.


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Coordinates: 61°00′40″N 138°29′30″W / 61.01111°N 138.49167°W / 61.01111; -138.49167