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Not to be confused with slingshot (disambiguation).
Type Socio-Political philosophy
Format Quarterly compact (tabloid)
Owner(s) Slingshot Collective
Founded 1988 (1988)
Political alignment Political radicalism / Anti-capitalism / Anarchism
Language English / Spanish (bilingual)
Headquarters Berkeley, California

Slingshot! is a quarterly independent radical newspaper published in Berkeley, California since 1988 by the Slingshot Collective.[1] It is a non-profit project of the Long Haul Infoshop.[2] Slingshot provides free subscriptions to prisoners and people with low income in the United States.[3]

The Slingshot Collective also publishes an annual datebook called the Slingshot Organizer.[4]

Slingshot is known for their extensive directory of radical spaces around the world, which is available on their website, annual organizer, and updates in each newspaper issue.[5]


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