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Slinky Wizard was a Goa trance musical group from the UK. Musicians included Adam Boyd (1967–1994), Dominic Lamb, George Barker, Ronnie Biggs, and Gus Till. Adam Boyd and Dominic Lamb wrote Slinky Wizard’s first track titled "The Rising" in 1992. Soon after George Barker and Ronnie Biggs joined the group. With help from Simon Posford they produced Flying Rhino Records' first release, the Slinky Wizard EP.

Adam Boyd died in an accident in the summer of 1994. In early 1996 Gus Till joined the group. Slinky Wizard has not produced any music since 2001.

Over the years, Slinky Wizard has been joined by Simon Posford, James Monro, Dick Trevor, Matt Evans, and Jules Evans.



  • Slinky Wizard EP (Flying Rhino Records 1994)
  • Witch Juice (Flying Rhino Records 1996)
  • Jammy Mutants EP (Flying Rhino Records 1998)
  • Money Comes Cheap EP (Flying Rhino Records 1998)
  • Hit And Run (Atomic Records 2001)
  • Kinky Lizard EP (Hit And Run Part 2) (Atomic Records 2001)


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