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A Slip ’N Slide

The Slip ’N Slide is a toy manufactured by Wham-O, first introduced in 1961 after being invented by Robert Carrier.[1]

The toy is a long sheet of thin plastic, flanked lengthwise on one side by a heat-sealed tubular fold. The tube can be connected to any ordinary garden hose. Water runs through the tube and out small perforations, spraying onto the sliding surface. The Slip 'n Slide then becomes very slippery, enabling users to jump onto the plastic and slide the length of the sheet.

Wham-O and makers of similar competitive products later included various enhancements such as an inflatable pool at one end of the sliding surface and spray tubes on both sides.


Both the manufacturer and the Consumer Product Safety Commission recommend that only children use the toy due to the risk of back and neck injuries when it is used by teenagers and adults. Injuries occur because people heavier or taller than children might stop suddenly when diving onto the toy. Between 1973 and 1991, seven adults and a 13-year-old suffered neck injuries or paralysis while using Slip ’N Slides.[2]


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