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Slit may refer to:

  • a deliberate cut in a woman's dress or gown so as to expose a part of her leg
  • a straight and narrow opening, particularly used in spectroscopy
  • Slit (gene), in genetics, the midline repellent signaling molecule
  • The process of slitting, in which large rolls of material are rewound and cut (slit) into narrower rolls of material
  • Slit trench, a defensive preparation in warfare
  • Slit throat, a knife wound to the neck and/or throat
    • Caso Degollados (Case of the Slit Throats), a Chilean politically motivated crime and political scandal
  • Slit, a feature of Blackbox and similar X window managers that allows for applications to hide along the edge of a computer display
  • SLIT, Sublingual immunotherapy
  • Slang for the pudendal cleft of the vulva

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