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Subject Fighting Robots
Availability 1999–2000

Slizer was a line of Lego toys released in 1999 similar to BIONICLE and, Lego RoboRiders. They were known as Throwbots in North America but were called Slizers in Europe. The name Throwbots refers to the unique disk-throwing function the toys had, and as for the name Slizer, it could be to describe the bots that use disks to slice their enemies with.

Twelve types of characters were released in 1999.

Dual stories[edit]

Two variations of the storyline existed: North American and European, which are generally very similar, even though each story has different names for the characters and settings.

North American Story[edit]

In the North American 'Multiple Planets' Storyline, the Slizers had eight respective planets where each of the eight dwelled respectively: the fiery wasteland, the aquatic world, the overgrown jungle, the icy mountains, the industrial city, the stormy fields, and the rocky canyons. The eighth planet, the Judge Dome, served as the point where they dueled or disputes were settled. Each of them battled the native mutant wildlife or other threats to their planet. It is debated whether or not this story will diverge into the following "Singular Planet" storyline.

European Story[edit]

The European 'Singular Planet' storyline was that there were eight robots fighting a war against each other on one planet split into eight even continents/regions,with the eighth continent, being the Slizer Dome situated at the North Pole. In this storyline, some have gone to some lengths to say that there were two sides: four were "good" (Fire, Ice, City & Sub), and the other four were "evil" (Judge, Jungle, Rock & Energy)[citation needed] . The concept of facing their respective natural threats in their zones were present, with the inclusion that each of them was trying to find an additional mineral, fuel or other item to make themselves stronger, such as: "Lava Stones" (Fire), "Air Pearls" (Sub), "Ice Crystals" (Ice), "Power Fuel" (City), "Herbal Treesap" (Jungle), "Liquid-Plasma" (Rock), and "Electric Radiation" (Energy). The last power-up for Judge is unknown.

The climax of Slizer story is unclear[edit]

In either storyline, all the characters were evenly matched. The story reached a climax when a Meteor struck the singular Slizer Planet and blew apart half the planet, annihilating the Energy, Rock and Jungle Regions, and heavily damaging the Slizer Dome where the Jet/Judge Slizer resided, giving no reason as to how all eight Throwbots/Slizers settled on one planet.

Unexplained part of Slizer Story[edit]

In addition, four new Throwbots/Slizers appeared. This part of the story is never fully explained. Some believe the new Slizers were brought by the asteroid, were unburied by the asteroid, or the asteroid mutated the Jungle, Energy, Rock and Judge Slizers.

The Ending Of Throwbots/Slizers[edit]

The 2000 Slizer story was never explained properly, which left dedicated fans with many unanswered questions. This was because the toy line was ended with the sudden release of the LEGO Technic Lego RoboRiders toyline in December 1999. Soon after, the Bionicle storyline was released.

Planet characters[edit]

The planet consists of 8 elemental protectors. Some protect their sector for good, others for evil[citation needed].

Meanings of the Lights on the Throwbot/Slizer disks[edit]

Throwbot/Slizer Disk patterns.

  • 2 lights: Carving of Throwbot/Slizer's "Element".
  • 3 lights: Throwbot/Slizer throwing disc at viewer.
  • 4 lights: Throwbot/Slizer's canister box flying through their homeland.
  • 5 lights: Throwbot/Slizer using one or more of their special powers.
  • 6 lights: Throwbot/Slizer battling major enemy.
  • 7 and 8 lights: Throwbot/Slizer's resource of power or Throwbot/Slizer's homeland.
  • 9 lights: Extra.

Torch the Fire Slizer and the Fire Sector[edit]

The Fire Slizer is from the fiery Fire Sector/Fire Planet and fights off lava monsters. The Volcanic Sector is one of the most dangerous sectors on the planet/planet, due to 30-mile high volcanoes, lava and fire glaciers, firestorms and constant volcanic eruptions. Torch is equipped with a Vent-Hand. His design is a bit awkward, as his arms are at the top and the head and legs are on the bottom, giving him a hunched, brawling look. He is one of the four who survived the Millennium Meteor's impact. Torch collects "Lava Stones" to increase the power of his flamethrower. Also having the Element of Fire. Torch/Fire is red.Torches disks are red.

  • Torch/Fire's disk patterns.
  • 2 lights: Carving of a flame, in front of a wall of fire.
  • 3 lights: Torch/Fire throwing a disk in a lava pit.
  • 4 lights: Red box escaping living fire-balls.
  • 5 lights: Torch/Fire making a canal for lava with his vent arm.
  • 6 lights: Torch/Fire battling an Inferno monster.
  • 7 lights: Lava Stone.

Scuba the Sub Slizer and the Sub Sector[edit]

This Throwbot/Slizer lives underwater in the deep Sub Sector/Sub Planet. Exploding with life, fish, giant whales, and billions of other sea creatures reside here. But in the darker parts are where the sea monsters live. His secondary weapon is an energy harpoon. Scuba's design is based on a deep-sea diver, featuring a breathing apparatus and a propeller on his back. He had occupied himself with the accumulation of rare pearls before the meteor struck. Sub collects "Air Pearls" to breathe underwater. Also, having the Element of Water. Scuba/Sub is blue, but his disks are yellow

  • Scuba/Sub's disk patterns.
  • 2 lights: Carving of a water droplet, in front of an underwater background.
  • 3 lights: Scuba/Sub throwing a disk underwater.
  • 4 lights: Blue box being chased through an underwater canyon by three sharks.
  • 5 lights: Scuba/Sub escaping from a whirlpool with two green tentacles sticking out.
  • 6 lights: Scuba/Sub Fighting a large jellyfish, with tentacles wrapped around his right arm
  • 7 lights: Air pearl with a tentacle grabbing it.

Ski the Ice Slizer and the Ice Sector[edit]

Ski inhabits and patrols the frozen Ice Sector/Ice Planet between the Urban Sector and the Ocean Sector, which is completely covered in ice and snow. It is the coldest sector/planet. Besides his primary disk thrower, his secondary weapon is a ski-pole, which may fire energy attacks. He concerns himself with whatever creatures lurk in the region before the Meteor impact. Ski collects "Ice Crystals" to enhance the power of his melee pole. Also having the Element of Ice. Ski/Ice is white, like his disks.

  • Ski/Ice's disk patterns.
  • 2 lights: Carving of a snowflake, in front of a snowy landscape.
  • 3 lights: Ski/Ice throwing a disk, while skiing down a slope at night.
  • 4 lights: White box travelling within an ice cave, breaking a column.
  • 5 lights: Ski/Ice skiing into a shark ice pit.
  • 6 lights: Ski/Ice escaping an avalanche monster.
  • 7 lights: Ice crystals.

Turbo the City Slizer and the Urban Sector[edit]

Turbo resides in the Urban Sector. The smaller buildings are 2000 feet high, and the larger ones are over a mile and a half tall, some reaching to space. But the city is so huge, many of the giant buildings don’t have any people in them. Instead, the people make a lot of factories, which cause green skies, polluted water, and hazardous waste. Turbo's design is unique among other Slizers, for the is designed as a singlehanded car with a throwing arm on the right side of the body. He is one of the few that survived the meteor strike. In addition to slaying Mutant Vehicles, Turbo collects "Power Fuel" to increase his fantastic speed. His element is metal/technology Turbo/City is teal, like his disks.

  • Turbo/City's disk patterns.
  • 2 lights: Carving of a cityscape, in front of a highway.
  • 3 lights: Turbo/City throwing a disc, while emerging from an underground sewer.
  • 4 lights: Teal box flying up towards the sky, after travelling beneath a bridge.
  • 5 lights: Turbo/City jumping over a city wall, with spotlights searching behind him.
  • 6 lights: Turbo/City escaping from a large semi-truck in a residential area.
  • 7 lights: Power fuel canister.

Jet the Judge Slizer and The Judge Sector[edit]

This sky flyer's home is in the Slizer Dome, or the Judge Planet, at the planet's pole. It resembles giant parking lots or helicopter pads, due to its gravelled, open spaces. It is also lit up with spotlights to look out for enemies in the sky. There are also metallic pyramids that stand alone in the mists and huge blue clouds in the sky. Jet has two throwing-arms instead of a secondary weapon. He is unique among other Slizers, as he is capable of flight with two wings mounted with propellers. A simple gear system flaps the wings when this head is pulled, identical to the Nui-Rama. He is believed to have died when the meteor blew apart most of the Slizer Dome. His only adversary (shown only in his box cover) is an energy-net formed by a metallic ring. Jet does not collect anything in particular, but in his picture shows some type of "Solar Radiation" to help him gain control of the planet. He has the Element of gases, which aids his flying power. Jet/Judge is yellow, though his disks are black. He is the only Slizer/Throwbot to have no disk with 7 lights; instead he has one with 8 lights

  • Jet/Judges's disk patterns.
  • 2 lights: Carving of 7 arrows pointing in different directions, in front of a striped wall.
  • 3 lights: Jet/Judge throwing two disks while in space.
  • 4 lights: Yellow box travelling in space with at least five other box cases in the background.
  • 5 lights: Jet/Judge firing a beam of energy at a fellow Throwbot/Slizer.
  • 6 lights: A beam of aura shining down on the disc and around Jet/Judge, targeted at an energy net
  • 8 lights: Solar Radiation.

Amazon the Jungle Slizer and the Jungle Sector[edit]

This Slizer resided in the rugged Jungle Sector/Jungle Planet, which contained foliage and rivers. This is the overgrown part of the world, for the trees reach over two thousand feet high. There are two worlds to this sector: the canopy world and the swamp world. Amazon's design is humanoid, but he wears a feral mask reminiscent of a jungle cat. His secondary weapon is a black katana, presumably repurposed as a jungle machete. He is believed to have died in the meteor explosion. Amazon collects "Herbal Treesap" to increase his machete attacks. Also having the Element of Flora. Amazon/Jungle is green, like his disks.

  • Amazon/Jungle's disk patterns.
  • 2 lights: Carving of a leaf, in a canopy background.
  • 3 lights: Amazon/Jungle throwing a disc while standing in a swamp.
  • 4 lights: Green box flying through a jungle, snapping a large vine.
  • 5 lights: Amazon/Jungle chopping down a tree while hanging from a vine.
  • 6 lights: Amazon/Jungle battling a massive carnivorous plant.
  • 7 lights: Energy Herbs.

Granite the Rock Slizer and the Rock Sector[edit]

Granite resided in the Rock Sector of the planet/Rock Planet. This is the canyon-cut sector. Huge rock formations, earthquakes and sand storms are local here. Granite's secondary weapons are his pick axes located on his shoulders which can pivot to attack. His design is that of a desert lizard. His throwing arm is unusually mounted on his back, making extremely accurate throws. He is able to fire energy bolts from his disk launcher and his pick axes. His region was blown apart by the Meteor Impact. Granite collects "Liquid Plasma" to increase his energy shields. Also having the Element of stone, Granite/Rock is tan, like his disks.

  • Granite/Rock's disk patterns.
  • 2 lights: Carving of a mountain, in front of a rocky background.
  • 3 lights: Granite/Rock throwing a disc, while standing at the edge of a cliff.
  • 4 lights: Tan box flying through a pillar of rock.
  • 5 lights: Granite/Rock using an energy shield to block a rockslide.
  • 6 lights: Granite/Rock fighting a skull rock monster.
  • 7 lights: Liquid Plasma.

Electro the Energy Slizer and the Energy Sector[edit]

He resides in the volatile Energy Sector/Energy Planet. The constant storm covered plains has few or no inhabitants other than Electro. The swirling storm is dangerous, the landscape is unknown, for the clouds are much too thick to even see the ground. Electro must fight Electric vortexes. He is the only one not to have a secondary weapon, but instead he releases electrical bursts from his body. This Slizer is also designed as a quadruped insect. He is believed to have been destroyed when his region was annihilated. Electro collects "Electric Radiation" to boost his flying speeds. Having the Element of Lightning. Electro/Energy is purple, as are his disks.

  • Electro/Energy's disk patterns.
  • 2 lights: Carving of a lightning bolt, in front of electric clouds and/or plains.
  • 3 lights: Electro/Energy throwing a disc while flying in a storm.
  • 4 lights: Purple box escaping from a lightning monster.
  • 5 lights: Electrical energy passing through Electro/Energy’s left eye.
  • 6 lights: Electro/Energy being shocked by an electric whirlwind.
  • 7 lights: Electric atoms.

Mutant Slizers and the Meteor[edit]

Mutant Slizer/Throwbot's disc patterns.

  • 2 lights: A meteorite heading for a multi-colored planet.
  • 3 lights: Spark throwing a disc while grinding on a canyon's rim.
  • 4 lights: A meteor hitting a planet.
  • 5 lights: Flare flying through a fiery battleground.
  • 6 lights: Blaster, Flare and Spark rising from an asteroid.
  • 7 lights: Blaster charging, with 2 other Blaster beings behind him.
  • 8 lights: The Slizer/Throwbots planet.
  • 9 lights: Millennia/Millennium throwing a disc while driving a motorcycle in a city.

The mutants disks are glow-in-the-dark, except for the last one, which is gold.

Millennia the Millennium Slizer[edit]

This Slizer is unique since he has two builds, one of them is a tiny Slizer riding a huge motorcycle while the other is a large Slizer nearly the same size as the Blaster Slizer. He appeared before the meteor impact in some versions, or during it in others. His design is a landmark in Technic characters, as his armor-plated bulk and articulated compound joints became a mainstay in larger figures. Millennia/Millennium is black/gray.

Blaster the Blaster Slizer[edit]

This menacing Slizer is twice the size of all the others, save Millenium. He resides in either the City Region or the ruins of the Slizer Dome. He wields a blast shield capable of firing bursts in his left hand and his right hand is a double throwing arm. Contrary evidence can be found on the picture of his throwing disk, which features Blaster navigating rugged terrain flanked by the similarly colored and designed Slizer. However, these companions were never released as sets and the mystery still stands. His colors are yellow and black, similar to the former Judge Slizer, making it conceivable that the Judge Slizer was fused with the Jungle Slizer. This is due to his faceplate, which is one side Judge's the other side Jungle's face, either consumed by the meteor or the Judge Slizer/Jungle Slizer reborn.

Flare the Flare Slizer[edit]

Flare Slizer is the strangest of all because his design is that of an amalgamation of Ice, Fire, and Energy. He has skis, (landing skids), wings and flight, (Energy Slizer) and a natural affinity for Fire (he has descended upon the Fire Region). His throwing arm balances by acting as a tail. Some theorize that Flare is Granite/Rock reborn, as the Rock Slizer is the last Slizer consumed by the meteor/mutated, but this theory is sometimes dismissed do to lack of evidence. Flare also partially resembles a Dragon, or a Phoenix, appropriate, given the affinity for fire Flare is orange.

Spark the Spark Slizer[edit]

The Spark Slizer descended upon the Fire Region in the aftermath of the meteor impact. His secondary weapon is a twin-barrelled weapon that doubles as a shield. Fan theories speculate that this is Energy Slizer recreated; however, there is no proof toward it, due to the storyline's improper introduction. His element is unknown, though it is possibly electric bursts (judging from the name.) Spark is purple.


  • 8500 Torch/Fire Slizer
  • 8501 Ski/Ice Slizer
  • 8502 Turbo/City Slizer
  • 8503 Scuba/Sub Slizer
  • 8504 Jet/Judge Slizer
  • 8505 Amazon/Jungle Slizer
  • 8506 Granite/Rock Slizer
  • 8507 Electro/Energy Slizer
  • 8520 Millennium/Millennia Slizer
  • 8521 Flare/Flare Slizer
  • 8522 Spark/Spark Slizer
  • 8523 Blaster/Blaster Slizer
  • 1061 Slizers disc
  • 8508 Supplementary discs


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