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Sloan Wainwright
OriginBedford, New York, U.S.
GenresFolk, rock, blues, comedy
Occupation(s)Artist, singer-songwriter

Sloan Wainwright (born 1957)[1] is an American artist and member of the American independent music scene. Her musical style consists of a combination of folk, rock, jazz, and blues, an approach which owes itself to her time writing and performing throughout Greenwich Village.[2]


Sloan Wainwright is the daughter of Loudon Wainwright Jr. and Martha Taylor. She is a younger sister to Loudon Wainwright III, and aunt to Canadian-American musicians Martha Wainwright and Rufus Wainwright and American musician Lucy Wainwright Roche.[3] She was married to George McTavey, who died in December 2008 after a long illness.[4] They have two sons, Sam and Gabe McTavey.[2][5]


Sloan is a performer best known for her rich contralto voice and personal lyrics. Her musical style combines pop, folk, jazz, and blues.[2][6]

Born into a highly acclaimed musical family (youngest sister to Loudon Wainwright, aunt to Rufus Wainwright and Martha Wainwright) Sloan's teenage years were largely influenced by a constant flow of diverse artists, writers and musicians.[7][2] Writing and performing, throughout the Greenwich Village scene, Sloan developed her songwriting style.[2]

In the mid 1990s, Sloan began to collaborate with guitarist Stephen Murphy. They assembled a band and Sloan released a self-titled debut CD in 1996, 'Sloan Wainwright'. The Sloan Wainwright Band followed with a second release in 1998, a tribute in memory of her mother Martha entitled 'From Where You Are.' The third band release—in early 2001,The Song Inside, merges traditionally based folk music and more eccentric variations. After that, she released Cool Morning, featuring her rendition of U2's "Where The Streets Have No Name."[8]


Upside Down & Under My Heart (2011)
  1. "Living Out the Best of Your Life"
  2. "Upside Down & Under My Heart"
  3. "Here I Am"
  4. "I Can See Now"
  5. "Today"
  6. "My Song"
  7. "I Wear the Ring"
  8. "Holland"
  9. "Little Bit Right"
  10. "I Am Free"
Rediscovery (2008)
  1. "Time of No Reply"
  2. "Ring of Fire"
  3. "After the Gold Rush"
  4. "Meet Me in the Morning"
  5. "All Things Must Pass"
  6. "Mercy Me (The Ecology)"
  7. "There But for Fortune"
  8. "Every Grain of Sand"
  9. "Love"
  10. "Sitting Here in Limbo"
Life Grows Back (2006)
  1. "When I Walk Away"
  2. "Tired of Wasting Time"
  3. "Between the Lines"
  4. "Wild in This World"
  5. "Bad for Her"
  6. "These Are the Days"
  7. "The Baby and the Bathwater"
  8. "Meet the Sun Halfway"
  9. "Out of Her Hands"
  10. "Viking Tree"
  11. "Something That Comes Close"
On a Night Before Christmas (Live, 2005)
  1. "Illuminate"
  2. "2000 Miles"
  3. "River"
  4. "Blue Christmas"
  5. "How Beautiful Are the Feet"
  6. "Thank God It's Christmas"
  7. "Silver Bells"
  8. "O Come, O Come Emmanuel"
  9. "We Three Guitarists"
  10. "A Soalin'"
  11. "Search the Sky"
  12. "Christmas Is the Time to Say I Love You"
  13. "Silent Night"
Cool Morning (2003)
  1. "Cool Morning"
  2. "Word of the Day"
  3. "Good Day to Live"
  4. "Illinois"
  5. "Where the Streets Have No Name"
  6. "Illuminate"
  7. "I Spied You"
  8. "Ready or Not"
  9. "From Where You Are"
  10. "Summertime"
The Song Inside (2001)
  1. "Too Nice for Too Long"
  2. "You Are the Feast"
  3. "Wavelength"
  4. "Bridgeburner"
  5. "Falling Backwards"
  6. "The Song Inside"
  7. "Less Is More"
  8. "Fall with Me"
  9. "Freedom"
  10. "Martha"
  11. "Steven Leif"
  12. "I Stand Up"
  13. "Unseen Guide"
From Where You Are (1998)
  1. "Mountain of Sense"
  2. "I Eye the Lady"
  3. "Psycho Pondering"
  4. "Don't Go"
  5. "Here Comes the Rain"
  6. "For My Pride"
  7. "My New Car"
  8. "Lament"
  9. "I Guess I Can"
  10. "Unravel"
  11. "Across the Universe"
  12. "From Where You Are"
Sloan Wainwright (1996)
  1. "Hey Girl"
  2. "Unseen Guide"
  3. "Box of Rain"
  4. "Steal My Thunder"
  5. "Poison Television"
  6. "On a Windy Day (Baretrees)"
  7. "Daddy's Water"
  8. "Without"
  9. "Arms Length"
  10. "Our Love"
  11. "Stand"
  12. "I'm Only Listening"


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