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Slobodan Beštić (Serbian: Слободан Бештић) (born March 27, 1964 in Pančevo, Serbia) is a Serbian actor.


He graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts at the University of Arts in Belgrade, 1987, Kl. Prof. Predraga Bajčetić. Worked in the Yugoslav Drama Theater in 1987 to 2001, then is employed at the National Theatre in Belgrade.

Professional education[edit]

  • Laboratory work with Mr. Torgeir wehtal in Odin theatre, Holstebro, Danmark
  • Work on the body and voice preparation Actor, as well as work on the role of understudy, 1991. and 1992. .
  • theater work in the laboratory of breath in the theater Belgrade.1991.
  • Seminar-Buto dance with Helen Gašić, Bitef theater.
  • Seminar-work actor in the role of preparation, no experience and kabuki theater, Siro Daimon, Rex, Belgrade.
  • Seminar theater anthropology, E. Barba, International School theater anthropology, 1996. The Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Seminar-work actor in him, Yoshi Oida, the National Theater, Belgrade,
  • Seminar-Buto dance Tanja Zgonc.
  • Techniques of modern dance, Sonja Vukićević
  • Specialization in the field of drama in education:
  • Application of plays in the process of interactive teaching at the University of Birmingemu, England, July 1999.
  • Winter and summer-school dramas in Education, Pax project, Mostar, 1998 to 2000.

Pedagogical work[edit]

  • Taught acting and stage movement to FDU and BK Academy, from assistant professor. Ferid Karajica the case do 1998 Movement in 1991.
  • Professor of stage movement on the BK Akademiji 1998 and 1999.
  • Assistant Mirjana Karanović, BK Academy, subject Acting. 1995 to 1999.
  • Assistant Professor Predrag Bajčetić, FDU Belgrade, the subject Acting. 2000/01
  • Professor of stage movement, FDU, Cetinje.2004-5.
  • Professor movement in Academy in Osijek, the direction of actor doll, 2004-5.

Drama in Education[edit]

  • Participant two international school dramas in education, in Mostar, CARE International, Roger Chamberlain, Tag McEntergart.
  • International leader two dramas in school education, Mostar, CARE International, Mostar.
  • Seminar building community leader, Neum, Bosnia.
  • International Conference dramas in Education, the Center for drama education, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Center for drama in education, Belgrade, in Jordan, 1999godine.
  • Conducted numerous seminars for teachers and educators drama, interactive teaching, in groups of 484, CEDEUM, Care International, Save the Children, European Cultural Foundation. Saradnja at the regional level, with centers in Croatia, Bosnia, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia.
  • Working with children and young people in the program to help refugees, as well as the children from belgrade primary and secondary schools.
  • Working in the refugee camp Marriage.
  • Refugee camp in Kraljevo.
  • Worked as a drama teacher and instructor in the Globalization project, CARE International Youth Theater and Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the educational seminars of drama and theater in education.
  • One of the founders of the Center for drama in education and art, and a member of the Steering Committee.
  • The founder of an independent theater SVAN.
  • Advisor in the regional team for art objects Ministry of Education of the Republic Srbije 2003/2004. year.

Acting Awards[edit]

  • Prize for best young actor for the role of Moritz in" Budjenje proleca", MES, Sarajevo, 1987.
  • Special prize for best research language theater, in Litle Sterija theater for the role of Nizinsky.
  • Awards at film festival in Nis, for the role in the movie" Kuca pored pruge", Z. Dragojevic.
  • The winner of the European awards for acting, Gordana Kosanović, for the role of Salome, Salome, Directed by R. Viktjuk, by the Roberto Ciulli, Theater an der Ruhr.
  • Award for Best Actor, Hamlet, Yugoslav festival in Uzice, 2004.
  • Award for Best Actor, Horvat, the Festival classics, Vrsac 2006.


  • 1984. Prokleta avlija-mladić u beloj košulji
  • 1987. Već viđeno- Mladi Stole
  • 1987. Sazvežđe belog duda- Ćosa
  • 1988. Kuća pored pruge- Mitar
  • 1989. Sveti Georgije ubiva azdahu- posilni
  • 1989. Metla bez drške- Vladimir
  • 1990. Metla bez drške 2- Vladimir
  • 1990. Jastuk groba mog- Pavle Solarić
  • 1991. Metla bez drške 3- Vladimir
  • 1993. Metla bez drške 4- Vladimir
  • 1994. Milena iz Praga- Franc Kafka
  • 1996. Gospođa Kolontaj Marsel
  • 2001. Horold i Моd
  • 2002. Rodoslov jednog Valcera
  • 2003. Život je marš
  • 2010. Srpski film

Important roles

  • Spring awakening (F. Wedekind) - Moritz, JDP, directed by H. Pasović
  • Dozivanje ptica, JDP, directed by H. Pasović
  • Ruženja naroda u dva dela - Obrad, directed by D. Mijač
  • In the search for Marsel Prusto - governor, directed by D. Mijač
  • Troil and Kresida - Paris, JDP, directed by D. Mijač
  • Nizinsky - Nizinsky, JDP, directed by I. Mensur
  • Blue Bird - more role, directed by I. Mensur
  • Profitably place - Zadov, directed by Vitaly Dvorcin
  • Cincano - Costa, directed by V. Dvorcin
  • Salome - Salome, JDP, directed by R. Viktjuk
  • Leons and Lena (G. Bihner) - King Peter, JDP, directed by D. Mijač
  • Powder keg - Boris, JDP, directed by S. Unkovska
  • Zli dusi - Šatov, CZKD, directed by A. Miljanić
  • It Macbeth - Macbeth, CZKD, directed by S. Vukićević
  • Macbeth (W. Shakespeare) - Macbeth, MTM, directed by S. Đulić
  • Dialog in inferno (M. Jolie) - Montesquie, National Theater, directed by P. Bajčetić
  • Balkan plastic - Gezeman, National Theater, directed by I. Vujić
  • Hamlet (W. Shakespeare) - Hamlet, National Theater, directed by I. Vujic
  • A story about a thousand young men and anngel - Angel, Omen Theater, directed by G. Lebović
  • Coast dump - Jason, Svan theater, directed by S. Bodroža
  • Hamletmashine (H. Miler) - Hamlet, CZKD, directed by N. Kokotović
  • Smert Uroša Petago - car Uros, CZKD, directed by M. Erceg
  • Faust II, ( J. Goethe) - Emperor, National Theater, directed by M. Erceg
  • The dog, women, men - men, National Theater, directed by Z. Sokolović
  • Tisina treznih - Krapek, National Theater, directed by Kinga Mezei
  • Ifigenija in Aulidi - Agamemnon, National Theater, directed by S. Bodroža
  • Frida Kalo - Diego Rivera, directed by I. Vujić
  • Vučjak - Horvat, directed by A. Nikolić
  • I am self-Woman - all characters, directed by A. Nikolić
  • Dangerous call - Valmon,National Theater, directed by S. Bodroža
  • Sexual neurosis of our parents - Dora's father, National Theater, directed by T. Mandić Rigonat

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