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Slocum Westerns are the longest running series of Westerns ever written, encompassing over 400 books, all of which are published under the pen name Jake Logan.[1][2] The books have been written by a number of authors, and all feature John Slocum as the protagonist.[3]

Main character[edit]

John Slocum is a basically decent man who will do whatever it takes to survive what life in the Western Frontier throws at him. A Confederate soldier who lost his ancestral home to carpetbaggers after the Civil War and never went back, Slocum is as tough a gunfighter as they come. Slocum's adventures have taken him across most of the American West. He has been a soldier, slave, stage driver, shotgun guard, bank robber, lawman, pioneer, cowboy, sheepherder, poor man, rich man, gambler, and drifter.

Target demographic[edit]

The books are claimed to be adult oriented, due to the presence of three explicitly described sex scenes in each of the numerous books; they were first published by Playboy Press.[4]



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