Slocums River

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Slocums River
Slocum River, Pamanset
Native namePascamanset River
CountryUnited States
RegionBristol County
Physical characteristics
SourcePaskamanset River
MouthBuzzards Bay
 ⁃ coordinates
41°31′46″N 70°58′36″W / 41.52944°N 70.97667°W / 41.52944; -70.97667Coordinates: 41°31′46″N 70°58′36″W / 41.52944°N 70.97667°W / 41.52944; -70.97667
Length5.5 mi (8.9 km)

Slocums River (sometimes seen as Slocum's River or Slocum River) is a 4.3-mile-long (6.9 km)[1] tidal river in southeastern Massachusetts in the United States. The Paskamanset River and Slocums River really form just a single river, but the freshwater portion kept its earlier Indian name, while the salt-water portion is named for its English discoverer.

The Slocums River flows through the town of Dartmouth to Buzzards Bay between Barneys Joy and Mishaum points.


The river is fronted by private lands and public reserves. The Trustees of Reservations and Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust manage the 47-acre (19 ha) Slocum's River Reserve along the west bank. Demarest Lloyd State Park includes the west bank of the mouth of the river and protects waterfowl marshland. Both properties offer walking trails and views of the river.



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