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Background information
OriginMoscow, Russia
GenresNu metal, rapcore[1]
Years active2002 - present
LabelsM2 (formerly M2BA), EM&NEM, Mistery of Sound
MembersDaria "Nookie" Stavrovich (Дария "Нуки" Ставрович)
Igor "Cache" Lobanov (Игорь "КЭШ" Лобанов)
Sergey "ID" Bogolyubsky (Сергей "ID" Боголюбский)
Nikita Muravyov (Никита Муравьёв)
Vasily « Ghost » Gorshkov
Past membersDenis "Dan" Khromykh (Денис "Дэн" Хромых)
Alexey "Proff" Nazarchuk (Алексей "Proff" Назарчук)
Teona "Teka" Dolnikova (Теона "Тека" Дольникова)
Uliana "IF" Elina (Ульяна "IF" Елина)
Mikhail "mikhei4" Korolev (Михаил "muxeu4" Королёв)
Mikhail "MiX" Petrov (Михаил "MiX" Петров)
Nikita "NiXoN" Simonov (Никита "NiXoN" Симонов)
Kirill "Mr Dudu/The Dude" Kachanov (Кирилл "Mr Dudu/The Dude" Качанов)

Slot (Russian: Слот) is a Russian metal band.


"Nookie" and "Cache", at Ariafest 2016

Slot was formed by male vocalist and chief songwriter Igor Lobanov (nicknamed Cache) and guitarist Sergey Bogolyubsky (nicknamed ID) in 2002 in Moscow, Russia. In 2003 they released their debut album "SLOT 1", released under Mistery Of Sound recording label. Their debut video "Odni" (Одни) was in rotation on MTV and other major video stations for over six months. The album went on to sell over ten thousand copies internationally. Despite their initial success, Teona Dolnikova left the band in 2004 due to creative differences and to further concentrate with her solo career.

Uliana Elina (nicknamed IF), the eventual winner of 2005 RAMP Awards Best Vocal of the Year became Slot's female vocalist from 2004 to 2006. Together with Korn, Slot performed at Saint Petersburg's Ice Palace and at MSA in Moscow in 2006.

The band have been featured on numerous soundtracks for films such as "Day Watch", "Pirate", "Bumer" and " Hunting for Piranha". They have also been featured on compilations such as Nashestvie, Scang Fest, and Rock Watch.

In the summer of 2006 Slot opened their Myspace page due to constant requests from fans worldwide. In the first month the band had received over 1000 visits and over 20,000 plays on Myspace player. Slot also has a page on Facebook and a YouTube channel.

In Autumn 2006, the band released their second studio album "2 Wars" (2 войны), fuelled by the nationwide hit single of the same name. The video for the song was aired on various national television stations (MTV Russia, Muz-TV, A-One, O2TV and Music Box). The album shifted over eight thousand copies in the first twelve weeks of release.

Due to the massive success of their second album, the band were once again nominated for the prestigious RAMP Awards in four categories. Slot received the most nominations in 2006. They won the Hit of the Year award. "2 Wars" was re-recorded and re-released in 2007, featuring their new vocalist Daria Stavrovich (nicknamed Nookie).

They have toured with Russian bands such as Animal JazZ and The Dolphin. They have also played with international rock bands such as Korn, Clawfinger, and Samael. In 2007 they performed alongside Aria at the RAMP Awards. The band embarked on a fifty-date tour of the Baltic region, where more than fifty thousand fans came out to support them in spring of 2007.

In fall of 2007 they released their third, highly anticipated album "Trinity" (Тринити). The music video of the first single "Dead Stars" (Мёртвые Звёзды) was released to Internet and national video stations in the fourth quarter of 2007.

On 19 September 2009, Slot released their fourth studio album 4ever, which garnered attention from non-Russian speaking countries like United Kingdom, United States, and Canada. In March 2010, Slot released their first ever English single, "Mirrors" (Зеркала). With its release and accompanying music video both in Russian and in English, the band is finding an entire new layer of fans that previously had not heard of the band. In April 2010, the band released its first ever English maxi-single entitled, "Mirrors." This single will include newly recorded and remastered editions of "Mirrors," "Dead Stars," and "My Angel."

In 2011, Slot released Break the Code, their debut English album. It was released on 23 August.

In early 2014, Slot released the crowd funded album Шестой (Sixth) On 18 April 2014, Nookie was stabbed multiple times in her neck during an autograph session with their fans on a café in St. Petersburg. She was rushed to the hospital, where the doctors said that she was "moderately grave", but her life wasn't in danger.[2][3][4][5][6]

Band members[edit]

Current members

  • Igor "Cache" Lobanov - vocals
  • Sergey "ID" Bogolyubsky- guitar
  • Daria "Nookie" Stavrovich - vocals
  • Nikita Muravyov - bass guitar
  • Vasilij Gorsjkov - drums, percussion

Former members

  • Denis "Dan" Chromyk
  • Alexsej "Proff" Nazachuk
  • Teona "Teka" Dolnikova
  • Uljana "IF" Elina
  • Mikhail "mikhei4" Korolev
  • Mikhail "MiX" Petrov
  • Nikita "NiXon" Simonov
  • Kirill "Mr. Dude" Kachanov


Studio albums[7][edit]

Re-released albums[edit]

  • 2007 "2Wars" (with Nookie on vocals)
  • 2016 "2wars" (10th Anniversary Edition)


  • 2010 The Best Of...
  • 2017 #SLOT15 (#СЛОТ15)


  • 2008 kiSLOTa. The First Drop (киСЛОТа. Первая капля)
  • 2010 kiSLOTa 2 (киСЛОТа 2, with Johnny Beast)


  • 2003 Alone (Одни)
  • 2006 Two Wars (2 войны)
  • 2007 Dead Stars (Мёртвые Звёзды)
  • 2007 Trinity (Тринити)
  • 2008 They Killed Kenny (Они убили Кенни)
  • 2009 Alfa Romeo + Betta Joliette (Alfa-Ромео + Beta-Джульетта)
  • 2009 My Angel (АнгелОК)
  • 2009 A.N.I.M.E. (А. Н. И. М. Е.)
  • 2010 Board (Доска)
  • 2010 Mirrors (Зеркала) - first single released simultaneously in both Russian and English
  • 2010 Lego (Лего)
  • 2011 Kill Me Baby One More Time
  • 2011 Twilight (Сумерки)
  • 2013 If (Если)
  • 2013 Knee-Deep (Поколено)
  • 2014 Glass Of Revolution (Стёкла Революции)
  • 2015 Attractive Force (Сила Притяжения)
  • 2015 Kills As Wants! (Мочит как хочет!)
  • 2015 Fear And Aggression (Страх и агрессия)
  • 2016 Circles On The Water (Круги на воде)
  • 2017 Old Russian Soul (Древнерусская душа, with Neuromonakh Feofan)
  • 2018 To Mars! (На Марс!)
  • 2018 Cuckoo (Кукушка)


  • Live&Video (2008, Concert within the limits of "Triniti-round" in TELE-club Yekaterinburg + the collection of video clips)
  • #REDLIVE (2017)


  • 2003 Одни (Alone)
  • 2006 2 Войны (Two Wars)
  • 2007 Мёртвые Звёзды (Dead Stars)
  • 2008 Они Убили Кенни (They Killed Kenny)
  • 2009 Ангел О.К. (My Angel)
  • 2010 Доска (The Board)
  • 2010 Зеркала (Mirrors)
  • 2010 Лего (Lego)
  • 2010 Alone
  • 2011 Kill Me Baby One More Time
  • 2011 Сумерки (Twilight)
  • 2012 Одинокие Люди (Lonely People)
  • 2013 Ангел или демон (Angel Or Demon)[8]
  • 2013 Если (If)
  • 2014 Просточеловек (Just A Man)
  • 2014 БОЙ! (FIGHT!)
  • 2015 Мочит как Хочет! (Kills As Wants!)
  • 2016 Circles On The Water (Круги на воде)
  • 2018 To Mars! (На Марс!)

OST and compilations[edit]


  • RAMP Awards 2005 - Best Vocal of the Year (won with female vocalist Uliana "IF" Elina)
  • RAMP Awards 2006 - Hit of the Year (Won), Album of the year, Band of the year (Nominated)
  • RAMP Awards 2007 - Band of the Year (Nominated)
  • RAMP Awards 2008 - Clip of the Year (Nominated), Album of the Year (Nominated), Hit of the Year (Nominated), Soundtrack of the Year (Nominated), Band of the Year (Nominated)


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