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Slot may refer to:

  • A narrow opening in a machine or container into which something can be inserted, for example in a:
    • Mail slot
    • Slot machine, a type of casino game
    • Vending machine slot, a machine that dispenses items such as snacks, beverages, alcohol, cigarettes, lottery tickets to customers automatically, after the customer inserts currency or credit into the machine
    • Special passive mechanical devices used for returning rental videos
  • Slot, a space for a container on a ship, usually expressed as a 20 ft (6.1 m) or 40 ft (12 m) slot
  • Slot (car racing), a slot in the track on which slot cars race in and are guided by
  • Slot (ice hockey), the area on the hockey rink directly ahead of the goaltender between the faceoff circles on each side
  • Orbital slot, allotted position for a satellite in a "crowded" orbit
  • Slot, slang term for the chief copy editor on a newspaper
  • Slot, a space within a formation during a game of American football; see Glossary of American football#S


  • Groove (engineering), a feature cut into a hard material to provide a location for another component
    • Tongue and groove, widely used for re-entrant angles. The effect of wood shrinkage is concealed when the joint is beaded or otherwise moulded. In expensive cabinet work, glued dovetail and multiple tongue and groove are used
  • Slot (computer architecture), the operation issue and data path machinery associated with a single execute pipeline in a CPU
  • Edge connector, socket ("slot"), any type of female electrical connector for use with printed circuit boards having matching edge connectors
    • Slot 1, the physical and electrical specification for the connector used by some of Intel's microprocessors
    • Slot 2, the physical and electrical specification for the connector used by some of Intel's microprocessors
    • Slot A, the physical and electrical specification for the edge-connector used by early versions of AMD's Athlon processor
  • Expansion slot, for expansion cards
  • Leading edge slat, an aerodynamic device used on fixed wing aircraft
  • Slot antenna, a directional antenna consisting of a slot in a piece of metal
  • Kensington Security Slot, small hole found on almost all recent small or portable computer and electronics equipment used for attaching a lock


  • Dance slot, an imaginary narrow rectangle along which a follower moves back and forth with respect to the leader
  • Landing slot, right allocated to an airline by an airport or government agency to schedule a landing or departure at a specific time
  • Slot, the Danish and Dutch word for castle or fortified place, and can refer to several places, e.g.
  • Dutch surname
  • The Slot, an Australian television series
  • The Slot, a gay hotel and sex club in the South of Market district of San Francisco, in the 1970s and 1980s
  • "The Slot", a name for New Georgia Sound, used by the Tokyo Express to supply the Japanese garrison on Guadalcanal in World War II
  • SLOT as abbreviation in automobile technology means "Self-Load/Offload Trailer"
  • Slot (band), a Russian alternative/nu metal band
  • Slots, common Internet-slang for the popular Warcraft III video game modification, Defense of the Ancients
  • Slot canyon, a type of narrow canyon formed by the wear of water rushing through sandstone
  • Slot time, the time it takes for an electronic pulse to travel the length between two nodes
  • Abbreviation of St. Laurence O'Toole Pipe Band
  • U.S. Army, an alpha-numeric position title or billet for personnel manning designation on a table of organization and equipment (TO&E) or a table of distribution and allowance (TDA)

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