Accidental Waltz

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Accidental Waltz
Accidental Waltz.jpg
Directed by Svetlana Proskurina
Written by Pavel Finn
Starring Alla Sokolova
Aleksei Serebryakov
Music by Vyacheslav Gajvoronsky
Cinematography Dmitriy Mass
Edited by Leda Semyonova
Country Russia

Accidental Waltz (Russian: Случайный вальс, translit. Sluchaynyy val's) is a 1990 Soviet romantic drama directed by Svetlana Proskurina. It won the Golden Leopard at the 1990 Locarno International Film Festival.[1]


The life of Tatiana Prokofievna, an aging woman with a diva's behavior – is banal and dull. To escape the everyday slumber she seeks companionship of young men. She provides shelter and becomes involved in their problems. Her ex-boyfriend has married a younger woman. Tatjana is forced to keep her loneliness hidden because of her role as hostess.


  • Alla Sokolova – Tatjana Prokofievna
  • Aleksei Serebryakov – Sergei
  • Tatiana Bondariova – Nadia
  • Sergei Parapanov – Gena
  • Viktor Proskoerin – Viktor Stepanovitch


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