Slovak Government Flying Service

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Slovak Government Flying Service
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded 1993
Hubs Bratislava Airport
Fleet size 5 planes
4 helicopters
Headquarters Bratislava, Slovakia

Slovak Government Flying Service is the governmental airline of Slovakia headquartered in Bratislava and based at Bratislava Airport.


Slovak Government Flying Service Airbus A319-100
17-02-15-Lietadlá Ministerstva vnútra slovenské republiky-RR2 7931.jpg

The Slovak Government Flying Service fleet includes the following aircraft in December 2016:

  • 1 Airbus 319 (OM-BYA, in new colors (YOM:2005, with SSG since 2016)) + 1 on order
  • 2 Fokker 100 (OM-BYC, in new colors (YOM:1991, with SSG since 2016), OM-BYB, in new colors (YOM:1992, with SSG since 2017))
  • 1 Tupolev Tu-154M (OM-BYO (YOM:1989) - in standard SSG livery)
  • 1 Bell 429 helicopter (OM-BYD, black (YOM: 2014, in SSG fleet since 2015) second OM-BYM, in police colors (YOM: 2015) crashed near Prešov in 2017[1])
  • 2 Mil Mi 171 helicopters (OM-BYU (YOM: 2002), B1786 (YOM: 2003) - both in blue and white livery)

Since July 2016 one Tupolev Tu-154M (OM-BYR) will be replaced with Airbus 319 - 115 ACE (OM-BYA) and two Yakovlev Yak-40 (OM-BYE, OM-BYL) with two Fokker 100 aircraft, acquired from MJET.[2] One Tupolev Tu-154M (OM-BYO) will remain part of the fleet. On December 7, 2016 Yak-40 OM-BYE was ferried to Košice where it will be used as an exhibit in the aviation museum.[3] Tupolev 154M, OM-BYR is stored at Bratislava and should be ferried to Košice to be used as an exhibit in the aviation museum.

There is a plan to buy eight more helicopters to be used by the Slovak Government Flying Service for the Slovak police.[citation needed]


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