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Slovenské národné múzeum
Logo SNM.jpg
Established 1961
Location Slovakia
Collection size 3 894 000
Director Dr. Rastislav Púdelka

The Slovak National Museum (Slovak: Slovenské národné múzeum) is the most important institution focusing on scientific research and cultural education in the field of museological activity in Slovakia. Its beginnings "are connected with the endeavour of the Slovak nation for national emancipation and self-determination."[1]

It is headquartered in Bratislava; however, the Slovak National Museum governs 18 specialized museums, most of which are located outside the city.

On March 11, 2012, a fire destroyed most of the roof of the castle. It is unclear as to the main structure and the contents.


The Slovak National Museum was established in 1961. Its origins lie in the Matica slovenská Museum and the Museum of the National House in Martin, which developed the Slovak Museology Society. The first permanent exposition funded from a national collection was opened in Martin in 1908. The museum was building archaeological, ethnographic, historical, numismatic, art historical, creative art and natural science collections. The Slovak National Geographic and History Museum was established in Bratislava in 1924 by the Slovak National Geographic and History Museum Society. The Agricultural Museum, a department of the Czechoslovak Agricultural Museum in Prague, was established in Bratislava the same year. In 1940, the Slovak National Geographic and History Museum and the Agricultural Museum were merged into the Slovak Museum. In 1961, the Slovak Museum and the Slovak National Museum in Martin were merged into the Slovak National Museum, based in Bratislava.[1]

The museum today[edit]

Slovak National Museum building in Bratislava, viewed from the right bank of the Danube

The Slovak National Museum is the most important scientific research and cultural education institution, with the largest and best collections in the museological field in Slovakia. The museum is also dedicated to scientific research tasks and publishing activities. Moreover, the SNM is "a coordination, methodological, professional advisory, statistical, educational and information centre for the whole field of museology in the Slovak Republic."[1]


The Slovak National Museum's headquarters are located on Vajanské nábrežie (a river front street in Bratislava's Old Town), along with the Natural History Museum. The construction of the building, designed by architect M. M. Harminec, began in July 1925 and was completed in 1928. The museum opened on May 4, 1930.

Specialized museums and departments[edit]

Name Slovak name Location
Natural Science Museum Prírodovedné múzeum Bratislava
Archeological Museum Archeologické múzeum Bratislava
Museum of History Historické múzeum Bratislava Castle
Music Museum Hudobné múzeum Bratislava Castle
Ethnographic Museum Etnografické múzeum Martin
Andrej Kmeť Museum Múzeum Andreja Kmeťa Martin
Museum of Slovak Village Múzeum slovenskej dediny Martin
Martin Benka Museum Múzeum Martina Benku Martin
Museum of Czech Culture in Slovakia Múzeum kultúry Čechov na Slovensku Martin
Museum of Roma Culture in Slovakia Múzeum kultúry Rómov na Slovensku Martin
Karol Plicka Museum Múzeum Karola Plicku Blatnica (subdivision of Martin Museums)
Museum of the Slovak National Councils Múzeum Slovenských národných rád Myjava
Červený Kameň Museum Múzeum Červený Kameň Červený Kameň Castle
Betliar Museum Múzeum Betliar Betliar
Bojnice Museum Múzeum Bojnice Bojnice Castle
Spiš Museum in Levoča Spišské múzeum v Levoči Levoča
Museum of Puppet Culture and Toys Múzeum bábkarských kultúr a hračiek Modrý Kameň Castle
Museum of Jewish Culture Múzeum židovskej kultúry Bratislava, also on display in Trnava, Žilina and Prešov
Museum of Hungarian Culture in Slovakia Múzeum kultúry Maďarov na Slovensku Bratislava
Museum of Carpathian German Culture Múzeum kultúry karpatských Nemcov Bratislava
Museum of Ukrainian-Ruthenian Culture Múzeum ukrajinskej kultúry Svidník
Museum of Ľudovít Štúr Múzeum Ľudovíta Štúra Modra
Museum of Croatian Culture in Slovakia Múzeum kultúry Chorvátov na Slovensku Bratislava-Devínska Nová Ves


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