Slovak identity card

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Slovak identity card
(Občiansky preukaz)
Slovak ID card 2015.jpg
Slovak national ID card (front and back)
Issued by Slovakia
Valid in Slovakia
 Europe (except Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine)
France French overseas territories
 Montserrat (max. 14 days)
PurposeIdentification, travel, proof of citizenship

The Slovak identity card (Slovak: Občiansky preukaz) is issued to citizens of the Slovak Republic aged 15 and older. A Slovak ID card can be used for travel in all member states of the European Union and the Schengen Area as well as several other European countries (including Balkan countries, for example Macedonia[1] and Serbia).

In 2017, it was reported to be affected by the ROCA vulnerability, potentially allowing the cards to be cheaply spoofed.[2]

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