Slovaks of Croatia

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Slovaks of Croatia
Slovaci u Hrvatskoj
Slovenská menšina v Chorvátsku
Total population
4,753 (0.11%)[1]
Croatian, Slovak
Roman Catholic, Protestantism
Related ethnic groups
Slovaks in eastern Croatia, according to the 2011 Croatian census
Association of Slovaks in Rijeka

Slovaks are one of the recognised minorities of Croatia. According to 2011 census there were 4,753 Slovaks in Croatia.[1]


Bogoslav Šulek, a Croatian philologist of Slovak origin.

Slovaks mainly migrated to Croatia in the 19th century and to a much lesser extent in the 20th century. Many were peasants from the poverty-stricken region of Kysuce in northwestern Slovakia.[2]

Several notable Croatians are of Slovak descent including philologist cardinal Juraj Haulik, Bogoslav Šulek and writer August Šenoa.

Slovaks are officially recognized as an autochthonous national minority, and as such, together with the Czechs of Croatia, elect a special representative to the Croatian Parliament.[3]

Geographic representation[edit]

Most Croatian Slovaks live in the region of Slavonia, with the majority residing in the Osijek-Baranja county and the Vukovar-Syrmia county.

Notable Slovak settlements include (2001 census):




As of 2009, Slovak language is officially used in one municipality and one other settlement in Croatia, according to the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages.[4]


The Union of Slovaks was established in 1992 and focused on preserving Slovak culture and language, along with the creation of its magazine, Prameň. In 1998 the Central Library of Slovaks in the Republic of Croatia was founded. In Ilok, the Cultural Society of Ljudevit Štur (KUD Ljudevit Štur).


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