Slovenian First League of Handball

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Slovenian First League
Current season, competition or edition:
2014–15 season
Slovenian First League of Handball.png
Countries  Slovenia
Confederation EHF
Founded 1991
Number of teams 14
Level on pyramid Level 1
International cup(s) Champions League
Current champions RK Celje (2013–14)
Most championships RK Celje 18 titles
Website Website

The Slovenian First League of Handball (Slovene: 1. A Državna Rokometna Liga), currently named 1. NLB Leasing liga due to sponsorship reasons, is the top team handball league in Slovenia. It was also named 1. SRL (1991-02), Liga Siol (2002-04), Liga Telekom (2004-06) and MIK 1. Liga (2006-10). It is organized by the Handball Federation of Slovenia (Rokometna Zveza Slovenije). The league comprises 14 teams.


The Handball Federation of Slovenia was formed on 11 December in 1949 under the former Handball federation of Yugoslavia. In Yugoslavia, the Slovenian clubs played in the Yugoslavian Handball Championship in I. and II. league, the interrepublic and the republic leagues. Slovan, Celje and Rudar Trbovlje were the only slovenian teams that played in the Yugoslav First League. In the 1991–92 season, just after the Slovenian independence, the Handball Federarion of Slovenia was accepted to the European Handball Federation and the International Handball Federation and the first season in Europe for the Slovenian teams was played in the 1992–93 season.


List of seasons[edit]

Season Champions Runners-up Third placed
1991–92 Celje Slovan Jadran
1992–93 Celje Jadran Prevent
1993–94 Celje Gorenje Jadran
1994–95 Celje Jadran Gorenje
1995–96 Celje Gorenje Dobova
1996–97 Celje Prevent Prule 67
1997–98 Celje Prevent Trimo Trebnje
1998–99 Celje Prevent Trimo Trebnje
1999–2000 Celje Prule 67 Trimo Trebnje
2000–01 Celje Prule 67 Prevent
2001–02 Prule 67 Celje Gorenje
2002–03 Celje Prule 67 Gorenje
2003–04 Celje Gorenje Prevent
2004–05 Celje Gorenje Ormož
2005–06 Celje Gold Club Gorenje
2006–07 Celje Gorenje Koper
2007–08 Celje Koper Gorenje
2008–09 Gorenje Koper Trimo Trebnje
2009–10 Celje Gorenje Koper
2010–11 Koper Gorenje Celje
2011–12 Gorenje Celje Koper
2012–13 Gorenje Celje Koper
2013–14 Celje Gorenje Maribor Branik
2014–15 Celje Gorenje Maribor Branik
Club Titles Years Won
1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2014
2009, 2012, 2013
Prule 67

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