Slovenian Olympic Committee

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Slovenian Olympic Committee
Olimpijski Komite Slovenije
Slovenian Olympic CommitteeOlimpijski Komite Slovenije logo
Slovenian Olympic Committee
Olimpijski Komite Slovenije logo
Country/Region  Slovenia
Code SLO
Created October 15, 1991
Recognized 1992
Headquarters Ljubljana
President Bogdan Gabrovec
Secretary General dr. Edvard Kolar

Slovenian Olympic Committee - Association of Sports Federations (Slovene: Olimpijski Komite Slovenije - Združenje športnih zvez) is founded on the premise that sport in all its forms and environments is an important element of a quality life, and is appropriate for all age groups. The mission and vision of the OCS are conditioned on the active involvement of its members and founders. The mission is to guarantee Slovenian athletes the best conditions possible for preparing for all competitions under the Olympic Committee of Slovenia.


No. President Photo Elections Term of office Era
1 Janez Kocijančič Janez Kocijančič 2011.jpg 1st 15 Oct 1991 22 Dec 1994 23 years, 62 days
2nd 22 Dec 1994 16 Dec 1998
3rd 16 Dec 1998 3 Dec 2002
4th 3 Dec 2002 12 Dec 2006
5th 12 Dec 2006 7 Dec 2010
6th 7 Dec 2010 16 Dec 2014
2 Bogdan Gabrovec Bogdan Gabrovec.jpg 7th 16 Dec 2014 1 year, 53 days

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