Slovenský plynárenský priemysel

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Slovenský plynárenský priemysel
Industry energy
Headquarters Bratislava, Slovakia
Products natural gas
Services natural gas transmission, distribution and sale
Owner Slovak National Property Fund, Slovak Gas Holding B.V.
Subsidiaries Eustream, SPP – distribúcia, a.s.

Slovenský plynárenský priemysel, a.s. (abbr. SPP; Slovak: literally "Slovak Gas Industry") is a Slovak key natural gas supplier. The company follows on from over 150 years of gas industry in Slovakia. The company has headquarters in Bratislava in the Ružinov borough.

On 1 July 2006, the company completed the legal unbundling, while according to the requirements of Slovak and European legislation, the companies SPP – preprava, a.s., nowadays Eustream, active in the area of international gas transmission and SPP – distribúcia, a.s. in the area of natural gas distribution commence their activities.

In 2006, SPP posted a profit of 24 billion Slovak korunas (app. 704 million) after taxation and sold 6,283 million cubic meter of natural gas to 1,461,517 consumers.[1]

51% of SPP's shares are held by Slovak National Property Fund and 49% including managing rights by Slovak Gas Holding B.V., a consortium of GDF Suez and E.ON Ruhrgas.[2][needs update]


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