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"Lujon" (also known as "Slow Hot Wind") is a musical piece by Henry Mancini. It appeared on his 1961 album Mr. Lucky Goes Latin, but was an original piece of music that had nothing to do with the Mr. Lucky television program.[1] It was included in the soundtracks for the films The Big Lebowski, Sexy Beast, W.E., and Two Lovers. Its name comes from the lujon percussion instrument heard on the recording.

Mancini would later record a jazz/swing version of "Slow Hot Wind" and include it on his 1975 album Symphonic Soul. The song would eventually reach the #38 spot on the Adult Contemporary list in 1976.

Other versions[edit]

In popular culture[edit]

  • "Lujon" appeared in the 1998 movie The Big Lebowski where lead character The Dude was enticed by porn producer Jackie Treehorn to go after Bunny Lebowski for the money Treehorn loaned her. The song played in Treehorn's bachelor pad while he was drugging The Dude.
  • "Lujon" appeared in the 2000 movie Sexy Beast where lead character Gal, in a dream-like sequence, begins floating into the loving embrace of his wife above his beloved pool.
  • "Lujon" appears in the 2004 movie “Never Die Alone” starring DMX in the scene in which he goes to California and is sitting by the pool and meets an actress.
  • the DJ Cam's 2001 downtempo album Honeymoon and in 2011 it appeared in Madonna's W.E. movie.
  • "Lujon" appears in Ron Howard's 2016 Beatles documentary Eight Days a Week: The Touring Years to introduce the suave and urbane manager, Brian Epstein.


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