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Slow Motion
Man Slow Motion.jpg
Studio album by Man
Released October 1974 (October 1974)
Recorded Rockfield Studios near Monmouth between July and September 1974
Genre Psychedelic rock, Progressive rock
Length 39:33
Label United Artists Records
Producer Man with Anton Matthews
Man chronology
Rhinos, Winos and Lunatics
(1974)Rhinos, Winos and Lunatics1974
Slow Motion
Maximum Darkness
(1975)Maximum Darkness1975
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 4/5 stars [1]
DPRP (8/10) [2]
Robert Christgau B+ [3]

Slow Motion is the ninth album by the Welsh psychedelic/progressive rock band Man and was released on the United Artists Records label.[4] It was the only album recorded by this line-up, Malcolm Morley (guitar, keyboards, vocals) having left the day before recording was due to start. He was not replaced, so the album was recorded by the remaining four members. Unlike the previous and subsequent albums (Rhinos, Winos and Lunatics and The Welsh Connection) Slow Motion failed to make the UK top 40 album chart.

The album title was chosen to challenge sleeve designer Rick Griffin, who painted Alfred E. Neuman shaking a fish, but Mad magazine objected, so the final image concentrated on the fish.[5] The band name "Man" was also written in a font resembling the Mad logo.

Track listing[edit]

All songs composed by Micky Jones, Deke Leonard, Ken Whaley and Terry Williams.

Side one
No. Title Length
1. "Hard Way to Die" 5:21
2. "Grasshopper" 5:13
3. "Rock and Roll You Out" 3:52
4. "You Don't Like Us" 4:33
Side two
No. Title Length
1. "Bedtime Bone" 5:54
2. "One More Chance" 4:27
3. "Rainbow Eyes" 6:07
4. "Day and Night" 4:06

Release history[edit]

Original LP released on United Artists in 1974 - Catalogue Nos UAG 29675 (UK) and LA 345G (US)
Released as CD on Beat Goes On Records (BGO Records) in 1993 - Catalogue Nos BGOCD 209 (UK) and BGT 209 (US)
Remixed and re-issued with bonus tracks on Esoteric Recordings in 2008 - Catalogue No ECLEC 2062

Bonus tracks on Esoteric re-issue (2008):
No. Title Length
9. "Rock and Roll You Out (1st mix)"  
10. "Hard Way to Live (Live)"  
11. "Hard Way to Die (Live at the Keystone, Berkeley April 1975)"  
12. "Someone Is Calling (Live at the Keystone, Berkeley April 1975)"  
13. "Many Are Called But Few Get Up (Live at the Keystone, Berkeley April 1975)"  
14. "Hard Way to Live (Live at the Keystone, Berkeley April 1975)"  

For information about releases in other countries, singles, cassettes, 8 track cartridges etc., see The Manband Archive[6]




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