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Slow living is a lifestyle which encourages a slower approach to aspects of everyday life,[1] involving completing tasks at a leisurely pace.[2] The origins of this lifestyle are linked to the Italian slow food movement, which emphasized traditional food production techniques in response to the emerging popularity of fast food during the 1980s and 1990s. Slow living encompasses a wide variety of sub-categories, such as slow money and slow cities,[3] which are proposed as solutions to the negative environmental consequences of capitalism and consumerism in alignment with the aims of the green movement.

The slow living movement also focuses on the idea that a fast-paced way of living is chaotic, whereas a slower pace encourages enjoyment of life, a deeper appreciation of sensory experiences, and the ability to 'live in the present moment'. However, slow living does not prevent the adoption of certain technologies, such as mobile phones, the Internet, and access to goods and services.[4][5]

The backronym "SLOW" is commonly used to summarize the aims of the slow-living lifestyle:[6]

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