Slowly We Rot

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Slowly We Rot
Slowly We Rot.jpg
Studio album by Obituary
Released May 16, 1989
Recorded 1988–1989 at Morrisound Recording, Tampa, Florida.[1]
Genre Death metal
Length 35:09
Label Roadrunner
Producer Scott Burns
Obituary chronology
Slowly We Rot
Cause of Death
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]

Slowly We Rot is the debut album by American death metal band Obituary. It was released on May 16, 1989 and is the only album on which Obituary used E standard guitar tuning, as opposed to the D standard tuning used on all their other albums.[citation needed] Despite this, it is widely considered to be Obituary's heaviest album.[citation needed] Slowly We Rot is the only Obituary album to feature bassist Daniel Tucker, guitarist Allen West would leave soon after but returned for the third album The End Complete. It was re-released in 1997.

Track listing[edit]

All music by Obituary, all lyrics by John Tardy.

No. Title Length
1. "Internal Bleeding"   3:01
2. "Godly Beings"   1:55
3. "'Til Death"   3:56
4. "Slowly We Rot"   3:36
5. "Immortal Visions"   2:25
6. "Gates to Hell"   2:49
7. "Words of Evil"   1:55
8. "Suffocation"   2:35
9. "Intoxicated"   4:40
10. "Deadly Intentions"   2:09
11. "Bloodsoaked"   3:11
12. "Stinkupuss"   2:59
Total length:

In 1989,Metal Maniacs Magazine heralded The album,Slowly We Rot as thee heaviest album to see the light of day until Grave(Band) released their debut album,Into The Grave until Incantations Onward To Golgotha took the title in 1992.


  • Executive Producer: Monte Conner
  • Arranged By Obituary
  • Produced, Recorded & Engineered By Scott Burns
  • Mixed By Scott Burns, Donald Tardy & John Tardy
  • Mastered By Mike Fuller


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