Sluch River (Belarus)

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For the Sluch River in Ukraine, or Southern Sluch, see Sluch River (Ukraine).
Sluch or Northern Sluch
Случ, Паўночная Случ
Slučė, Šiaurinė Slučė
Country Belarus
Physical characteristics
Main source Minsk Voblast
River mouth Pripyat River
Length 228 km (142 mi)
  • Average rate:
    20.3 m3/s (720 cu ft/s)
Basin features
Basin size 5,260 km2 (2,030 sq mi)

The Sluch or Northern Sluch (Belarusian: Случ, Паўночная Случ; Lithuanian: Slučė, Šiaurinė Slučė; Slovak: Sluč, Severní Sluč) is a river of Belarus. Rising in Minsk Voblast it flows for 228 km, past the cities of Salihorsk and Slutsk, finally emptying into the Pripyat River.

Coordinates: 52°08′15″N 27°31′30″E / 52.1375°N 27.525°E / 52.1375; 27.525