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Slump may refer to:

  • Slump (geology), a form of mass wasting event that occurs when loosely consolidated materials or rock layers move a short distance down a slope
  • Slump (sports), a period in which a player or team performs below par
  • Slump (economics), better known as a recession
  • Slump (food), a variety of cobbler
  • Sophomore slump, a failed second effort following a successful introduction
  • Senior slump, decreased motivation during a final year of studies
  • Retirement slump, the average falloff in the party’s vote when the incumbent retires
  • Slumping, a categorical description of an area of techniques for the forming of glass by applying heat to the point where the glass becomes plastic
  • Dr. Slump, anime and manga, character
  • Slump (concrete), refers to the workability of a concrete mixture and is determined by use of the concrete slump test