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Type of site
News site with articles and statistics on the state of major P2P networks.
Available in English
Owner Tom Mennecke
Created by Tom Mennecke, Ray Hoffmann
Alexa rank 179,822 (April 2014)[1]
Registration Optional (to post on forum).
Launched August 10, 2001[2] is a website once dedicated to file sharing, updating the public on file sharing news, presenting reviews of file sharing software and opinion on file sharing, and interviewing the developers of file sharing software. At present, links to news articles on other websites, posted by members, and has a user forum.

History[edit] began operations as in 2000, owned by Ray Hoffman.[3] During this time, was an aggregate news site with some original content. It also had guides to the most popular file-sharing resources at the time. These included Napster, iMesh, Scour, Usenet and IRC. began writing its own news articles, which became a notable feature of the site because there were very few other sources of news on P2P and filesharing development, and would become one of the first sites dedicated to P2P and file-sharing with original news. A year after opened, it was renamed

In March 2010, was threatened with legal action[4] by the controversial[5][6] UK law firm ACS:Law for defamation, due to comments made by forum users on's UK Filesharing Allegations/Lawsuit Discussion Sub Forum.[7] was one of the first news websites for P2P, but according to Alexa Internet, was surpassed in the number of web pageviews by both and from around 2007.[8]


New Scientist cited it as a "popular file sharing news site",[9] Digital Audio Essentials (2004) referred to as "an excellent resource",[10] and in Steal This Computer Book 4.0 the site was considered to be "up to date on the latest filesharing technology and news."[11]

Notable articles[edit] was at the forefront of P2P news, and as such they were able to interview the individuals who were involved in P2P software development. The following are significant articles about P2P:

  • P2P developers Michael Weiss of StreamCast,[12] Nir Arbel of SoulSeek,and [13] Pablo Soto of Optisoft S.L[14] and Kevin Hearn[15][16] of WinMX all gave detailed answers to the future of the networks that they had established.
  • Jon Lech Johansen (DVD Jon),[17] who was involved in decoding the CSS encryption found on DVDs and released the DeCSS software that allowed DVDs to be duplicated, gave his account to Slyck. Muslix64,[18] the hacker who first circumvented the AACS protection scheme for HD DVD and Blu-ray discs discussed his reasons for the circumvention of the DRM found on Blu-ray and HD-DVD discs.[19][20][21] The circumvention of DRM on video discs allowed those video films to be shared on public P2P platforms.
  • Dean Garfield, then the head of the MPAA's legal team, was interviewed to give the Entertainment Industry's view on P2P in 2005.[22]


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