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Slymenstra Hymen was Gwar's dancer and occasional singer portrayed by Danielle Stampe (born November 27, 1967).[1] She is perhaps best known for fire dancing, usually during the song "Horror of Yig." On the tours for the Carnival of Chaos album, she danced to the song "Sammy," because "Horror of Yig" often followed the Slymenstra-Techno wedding section, which required at least two costume changes for Stampe; as such, the fire dance was set to "Sammy," which required none.

Slymenstra sings a little back up on almost every Gwar album after 1989. Carnival Of Chaos' last full song, "Don't Need A Man," written by Michael Derks for Slymenstra, is the most dramatic change for Gwar musically, she sings a soft jazz song. "My Girly Ways," on We Kill Everything, returns to a more metal-based sound as she sings about reviving character Scroda Moon, so that he may assemble a tablet and stop Gwar's Cosmic Master from destroying the universe. This is the last song featuring the character as a lead vocalist. Tension between Slymenstra and Oderus Urungus is explored on "Fire in the Loins," a Slymenstra-Oderus duet on RagNaRok.

In 2000, Stampe took the Slymenstra character and branched off on her own with the Girly Freak Show. Among the acts she performs are fire spinning and breathing, bullwhip, swordladder walking, glass walking, eating lightbulbs, the Fiji mermaid, fire fan dance, burlesque tassle twirler, and the Miss Spidora illusion. She also performed her sideshow act with the Brothers Grim Sideshow and Lucha VaVOOM, the wrestling/burlesque show, under the alias of Danyella De Meaux. She still performs "Don't Need A Man" during her performances with the Brothers Grim Sideshow. She has also been performing for many years at the annual Knott's Berry Farm Halloween Haunt in Buena Park, California. She has also worked alongside Tim Cridland as part of Zamora the Torture King's "Side Show of the Bizarre," manipulating electricity, with the stage name "Miss Electra". She periodically works in the film industry. Most recently, she has formed a Los Angeles-based interior and exterior home design company named Wrapt In Comfort.


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