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00 Smörgåstårta.jpg
A smörgåstårta
TypeCake or sandwich
Place of originSweden
Region or stateNorthern Europe
Serving temperatureCold
Main ingredientsWhite or light rye bread, egg or mayonnaise base, fillings
VariationsLiver pâté, shrimp, smoked salmon, ham, various cold cuts, caviar, olives, tomato, cucumber, grapes, lemon slices, cheese

Smörgåstårta (Swedish: smörgåstårta, "sandwich cake" or "sandwich torte") is a dish of Swedish origin popular in Sweden, Estonia (called "võileivatort"), Finland (called "voileipäkakku") and Iceland (called "brauðterta" [ˈprœiːðˌtʰɛr̥ta]). It is a savoury cake that is similar to a sandwich, but with large amounts of filling and garnish, similar to a layered cream cake.

A smörgåstårta is normally made up of several layers of white or light rye bread with creamy fillings in between. The fillings and toppings vary, but egg and mayonnaise are often the base; additional filling may vary greatly but often include one or more of the following: liver pâté, olives, shrimp, ham, various cold cuts, caviar, tomato, cucumber, grapes, lemon slices, cheese, and smoked salmon.

Smörgåstårta is served cold and cut like a dessert cake. The types of sandwich cakes vary from meat, fish, combinations of cheeses and meats, to vegan. The top garnish often reflects the ingredients used as a filling. In Finland, voileipäkakku [fi] is a standard dish at family gatherings such as birthday parties, weddings, or funerals.

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