Småland Regiment

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Småland Regiment
Smålands regemente
((I 12, I 12/Fo 17))
Norra Smålands regemente vapen.svg
Active 1928–2000
Country Sweden
Branch Swedish Army
Type Infantry
Size Regiment
Motto None
Colours Red and yellow

The Småland Regiment (Swedish: Smålands regemente), designations I 12 and I 12/Fo 17, was a Swedish Army infantry regiment that traced its origins back to the 16th century. The regiment was disbanded on June 30, 2000 as part of the army downsizing.


The regiment was formed in 1928 as Jönköping-Kalmar Regiment (I 12), following a merger of Jönköping Regiment (I 12), and the Kalmar Regiment (I 21). The regiment moved the same year to the Eksjö garrison.

In 1948 the regiment changed its name to Northern Småland Regiment (I 12). On July 1, 1974 the regiment formed with Jonkopings defense area (Fo 17) a defensive field regiment to be known as The 12/Fo 17. When both the Kronoberg Regiment (I 11) and Kalmar Regiment (For 18) were dismantled in 1997, Smålands regiment took over responsibility for Kronobergs defense area (Fo 16) and Kalmar defense area (Fo 18) and integrated the Jönköping defense area, which then formed Smålands defense area (For 17).

Name and designation[edit]

Designation Name Active Notes
I 12 Jönköpings-Kalmar regemente 1928–1948
I 12 Norra Smålands regemente 1948–1974
I 12/Fo 17 Norra Smålands regemente 1974–1994
I 12/Fo 17 Smålands regemente 1994–2000

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Coordinates: 57°40′20″N 14°58′31″E / 57.67222°N 14.97528°E / 57.67222; 14.97528