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Small Planet Institute is a nonprofit organization founded by Frances Moore Lappé and Anna Lappé in 2001. Its mission is "to help define, articulate, and further an historic transition: a worldwide shift from the dominant, failing notion of democracy as a set of fixed institutions toward democracy understood as a way of life, a culture in which the values of inclusion, fairness and mutual accountability infuse all dimensions of public life."[1] This mission is carried out mainly through public outreach using books, articles, speeches, and other media.



  • Frances Moore Lappé, founding principal
  • Anna Lappé, founding principal, Small Planet Fund.[12] Project Director of Food Mythbusters[13]
  • Richard Rowe, publisher of Small Planet Media, Chief Executive Officer of the Open Learning Exchange, Inc.[14]
  • Anthony Lappé, media advisor and producer of web documentaries, Invisible Hand Media.[15]

Small Planet Fund[edit]

The Small Planet Fund was started in 2002 by Frances Moore Lappé and Anna Lappé. The mission of the fund is to support grassroots democracy movements worldwide which address the causes of hunger and poverty. The Fund is a project of RSF and is overseen by Anna Lappé.[16]


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