Small Point-Adam's Cove-Blackhead-Broad Cove

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Small Point-Adam's Cove-Blackhead-Broad Cove
Small Point-Adam's Cove-Blackhead-Broad Cove is located in Newfoundland
Small Point-Adam's Cove-Blackhead-Broad Cove
Small Point-Adam's Cove-Blackhead-Broad Cove
Location of Small Point-Adam's Cove-Blackhead-Broad Cove in Newfoundland
Coordinates: 47°51′46″N 53°05′01″W / 47.86278°N 53.08361°W / 47.86278; -53.08361
Country Canada
Province Newfoundland and Labrador
 • Total387
Time zoneUTC-3:30 (Newfoundland Time)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-2:30 (Newfoundland Daylight)
Area code(s)709

Small Point-Adam's Cove-Blackhead-Broad Cove is a town in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, located in the Trinity-Conception Bay District north of Carbonear.

The town was incorporated in 1968 by amalgamating the independent fishing villages of Small Point, Adam's Cove, Blackhead and Broad Cove. The neighbouring community of Kingston was originally part of the amalgamation, but withdrew in 1976.

The town had a population of 438 in the Canada 2006 Census.

Notable events[edit]

Way Office established in 1886. First Waymaster John Evans. Way Office status, by new Postal Act, was changed to Post Office status on May 30, 1891. First Postmaster Kenneth Hollett. Population 500 in 1911, 170 in 1951 and 157 in 1956.

Early-to-mid 18th century, early settlers at Adam's Cove included James Adams, Robert Evans and George Hudson.

1836 – Census reports about 1000 people in the Small Point – Adam's Cove area, the majority of whom are Methodists. Adam's Cove has a population of 264.

1857 – Small Point is first noted (as Lower Small Point) with a population of 79. There are schools in both Blackhead and Adam's Cove.

1871 – William Baggs and John and Levi Hudson were planters in Adam's Cove.

1894 – James Evans is a general dealer, Charles Moores and Robert and George Hudson are planters in Adam's Cove.

1900 – Adam's Cove has 459 residents

1926 - A one-room school was constructed in Small Point which went to grade 6, and remained open until the late 1960s.

1994 – Common family names include: Adam's Cove: Baggs, Hollett, and Hudson.

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Coordinates: 47°51′46″N 53°05′01″W / 47.86278°N 53.08361°W / 47.86278; -53.08361