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Small Potatoes
Created byJosh Selig
StarringPablo Cano Carciofa
Felix Forde
Martha Forde
Morgan Hartley
Shakira Riddell-Morales
Alice Wilkinson
Country of originUnited Kingdom
United States
Original language(s)English
No. of episodes27
Running time3 minutes and 4 seconds
Production company(s)Little Airplane Productions, Inc.
Original networkCBeebies, Disney Junior
Picture format16:9
Original releaseApril 18 –
December 25, 2011
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Small Potatoes is a British animated series of shorts aimed at pre-school children. It features a group of four potatoes who sing songs. The series is written and directed by Josh Selig, creator of Oobi, Wonder Pets and 3rd & Bird. The "Small Potatoes" series is currently airing on CBeebies in the UK, ABC 4 Kids in Australia and on the Disney Junior channel in the United States. The series was followed by a motion picture in 2013, Meet the Small Potatoes.


The series features four potatoes: Olaf, Ruby, Nate, and Chip. Simon Snail, a monocled snail with a top hat, has also appeared twice in the series, and is referred to by this name in the episode "Imagination" and "Chip's Theme".


Olaf is very fat. He's half Thai on his mother's side. He loves singing in the shower and long walks on the beach. Olaf is very loveable and goes to Zumba class whenever he can.


Nate is very long and skinny, and is half Mexican on his father's side.


Chip is a perfectly normal shaped potato. Chip was born in America, but his parents raised him with a British accent.


Ruby is the lead singer in most songs and is a small orange potato. Ruby was born and raised in Australia, but moved to England at age 5 to be closer to her family.

Baby Potato[edit]

Baby Potato (Ruby's sister) joins in halfway through the series, and is seen in "Moon Baby", "Potatoes At Heart", and "Christmas Baby".



Title Original UK airdate[2] Plot Episode Number
Imagination 18 April 2011 The Potatoes go on an imaginary hippy journey using their imaginations. The episode was available as an ebook for the iPhone in advance of debut, and screened at the BAMkids Film Festival in Brooklyn, New York.[3] 2
Chip's Theme 19 April 2011 Chip sings a heartfelt song about being a potato. 4
Small Potato Rock 20 April 2011 The Small Potatoes introduce themselves and sing about their unique personalities. 6
Seasons 21 April 2011 The Potatoes celebrate the four seasons. 8
On a Farm 26 April 2011 The Small Potatoes meet their favorite farm animals. 10
I'm a Little Raindrop 27 April 2011 Ruby sings a techno song, where she imagines what it's like to be a raindrop. 12
Potato Train 28 April 2011 The Small Potatoes hop on board the Potato Train and chug through town. 12
The Small Potatoes Waltz 3 May 2011 The Small Potatoes travel to Victorian-era Vienna. 14
A Musical Show 4 May 2011 Small Potatoes sing and dance their way across the stage. 16
Art 5 May 2011 The Potatoes enter famous paintings and celebrate different ways art is created. 18
Feelings 6 May 2011 The Small Potatoes sing a guitar driven, rock and roll anthem celebrating their feelings. 20
Moon Baby 9 May 2011 Moon Baby observes the galaxy from up on the moon before floating back home. 21
This Is My Family 10 May 2011 The Small Potatoes sing about the importance of family and friends. 24
Marching Band 11 May 2011 The Small Potatoes lead a parade of musical instruments in a rousing anthem. 26
Dress Up 12 May 2011 The Potatoes dress up for a party and try on silly costumes. 28
Science 13 May 2011 The Potatoes explore science in a new wave music video. 30
Small Potatoes Conga 16 May 2011 The Small Potatoes conga their way through a fantastical world filled with fruit. 32
I Love To Dance The Flamenco 17 May 2011 The Small Potatoes visit Spain for a flamenco dancing fiesta. 34
Playtime 18 May 2011 The Small Potatoes enjoy playtime after school. 36
I Just Want To Be Me 19 May 2011 The Small Potatoes sing a punk rock anthem about how wonderful it is to just be yourself. 38
We're All Potatoes At Heart 20 May 2011 Potatoes from around the world celebrate the similarities and differences we all share. 40
You Can Be What You Want To Be 23 May 2011 The Small Potatoes have a disco pageant and explore different jobs. 42
I Love School 24 May 2011 Ruby sings a diva style ballad about the thing she loves more than anything else - school. 44
Today's The Perfect Day (Haircut) 25 May 2011 Ruby and her friends head off to the barbershop to get their hair styled. 46
Small Potatoes, Yes Sir 26 May 2011 The Small Potatoes sing about how they're no average spuds. 48
Potato Love 27 May 2011 The Small Potatoes sing about how wonderful it is to be alive and feel the Potato Love. 50
Christmas Baby 25 December 2011 It's Baby Potato's very first Christmas! Note: The song shares the tune of Moon Baby. 32

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