Small Soldiers (video game)

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Small Soldiers
Small Soldiers (video game).jpg
Cover art
Developer(s) DreamWorks Interactive
Tiertex Design Studios (GB)
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Composer(s) Michael Giacchino
Platform(s) Game Boy, PlayStation, PC
Release September 30, 1998
Genre(s) Action, Adventure

Small Soldiers is a Game Boy, PlayStation, and Microsoft Windows action video game based on the film Small Soldiers.


The game differs from the film in that the plot and theme were changed. The film is ultimately set in the real world, while the game is set in a fictional 'fantasy' world where the evil Commando Elite are trying to eliminate the heroic Gorgonites and destroy their home. Most of the characters in the film are in the game, along with the addition of two new Gorgonites and three new Commando Elite machinery, Stench and Nibble for the Gorgonites, and Bipod, Mortar and Sentry for the Commandos. Players take the role of Archer, as he battles against the Commando Elite, led by Chip Hazard.

Archer is voiced by Gregg Berger. Tommy Lee Jones is the only actor who reprised his role as Chip Hazard.



Players are equipped with a rapid-fire crossbow, which can receive new ammunition type, which has various accuracies and strengths. Players can also use turrets and battle-walkers. These are hard to be damaged and can deal serious damage on enemies. Players can also rescue fellow Gorgonites like Insaniac, who will attack nearby Commandos.


In multiplayer mode players can play as either Archer, or as Chip. The gameplay is the same as singleplayer, only without allies and enemies. For Chip his default weapon is a rapid-fire pistol, which can also receive new ammo types.


The soundtrack for the Small Soldiers video game was composed by Michael Giacchino.