Small Towns Burn a Little Slower

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Small Towns Burn A Little Slower
OriginSaint Paul, Minnesota, USA
Years active2002–2007
LabelsDead Letter Records
Triple Crown Records
Rise Records
WebsiteOfficial website
MembersTommy Rehbein
Danny Wolf
Ryan Traster
Joel Trowbridge
Josh Mckay
Past membersSean Carey
Jeff McIlvenna
Luke Alison

Small Towns Burn a Little Slower was a band from St. Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota. The band was established in the summer of 2002. Early on with Jeff McIlvenna on vocals and Luke Allison on bass, they recorded and released the Holding On to What's Killing You EP in 2003 on Dead Letter Records. After a line-up change (the departure of Jeff and Luke and the addition of Danny and Ryan), much touring, and label negotiations, they recorded and released the Small Towns Burn a Little Slower EP in 2004 on Rise Records.

On July 26, 2005, they released their first full-length album, Mortality as Home Entertainment, on Triple Crown Records.

Alternative Press called them one of the "100 Bands You Should Know About" in 2005.

On November 6, 2007 the band announced on their MySpace page that they will be breaking up as of February 2008. They cited school, marriage and burnout brought on by the music industry as the reasons. The band released their final album, "So Begins the Test of a Man" (Dead Letter Records) at their farewell concert.


Holding On to What's Killing You

Release Date: 2003

Track Listing:

01. Apologies Don't Mean You're Sorry

02. August Stars in Maine

03. Tonight Let's Be Alive

04. The Place That I Skip Stones

05. Coming and Going

06. 12/31

Small Towns Burn a Little Slower

Release Date: 2004

Track Listing:

01. Alias: The Beekeeper

02. Not Mistaken Or Faked

03. Wait For Me Abby Bernstien

04. Churches And Hospitals

05. A Flower Cross

Mortality as Home Entertainment

Release Date: 2005

Track Listing:

01. Forget The Fashion

02. Answers

03. Last Blast Off

04. It's a Death Curse

05. Alias: The Beekeeper

06. Lullaby For Sleeping Babies

07. Millstones And Milestones

08. Wait For Me Abby Bernstien

09. Tune of Panic

10. 1970 Burt Blyleven Rookie Card

11. Wake Up

12. 27 Guys Named Steve

There's No Place Like Minneapolis (Split 7-inch with The Cardinal Sin)

Release Date: 2006

Track Listing (Small Towns side):

01. Blood Money

02. Suicide Medicine (Rocky Votolato cover)

So Begins The Test Of A Man

Release Date: 2008

Track Listing:

01. The Giver

02. RX (Drive)

03. Rooftops Won't Come To You

04. What Is It Worth?

05. Spittin' Truths

06. Saw My Youth

07. Money Make The Man

08. Last Will In Testimony

09. If You've Got Soul

10. Help! There Is A Con Artist Under My Bed!

11. Meth Is The New America

12. Asleep In Life's Waiting Room

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