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Small World Software was a New York City company that was founded in February 1994 by Scott Murphy, Mark Jacobstein and Seth Aron.

The company created the first online rotisserie baseball and fantasy sports leagues. The company also developed a business as an early internet technology consultant, and the gaming component of the business, rebranded Small World Sports, was spun off from the consulting business in 1996.

The consultancy, on the strength of its business with Hasbro, Xerox, McKinsey & Company, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and MaMaMedia, developed into one of the largest internet consultancies in New York before being sold to iXL in 1998. Two of the founding partners, Mark Jacobstein and Scott Murphy, remained with iXL as senior executives following the transaction.

Small World Sports developed into one of the three largest fantasy businesses on the web. In addition to creating its own online games, it built games for Yahoo!, AltaVista, Lycos, CNN/SI,, Fox Sports, and The Sporting News, among others. It was sold to The Sporting News in 2002.