Small form factor

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Small form factor (often abbreviated "SFF") is a term for computer components designed to a smaller than usual form factor.

The term is commonly used for:

  • Small form factor (desktop and motherboard), desktop computers and motherboards with smaller than ATX form factor, including micro ATX ("μATX"), and micro/nano/pico ITX
  • NVMe, storage device connectors such as SFF-8639 (also known as U.2) and SFF-TA-1001 (also known as U.3)
  • Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), storage device connectors such as SFF-8482, SFF-8484, SFF-8087, SFF-8643, SFF-8470, SFF-8088, and SFF-8644
  • Networking connectors especially optical fiber connectors, that may be described as small form factor compared to older form factors

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