Small nucleolar RNA SNORA73

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Small nucleolar RNA SNORA73 family
Alt. SymbolsU17
Other data
RNA typeGene; snRNA; snoRNA; HACA-box
GO0006396 0005730
PDB structuresPDBe

In molecular biology, the small nucleolar RNA SNORA73 (also called U17/E1 RNA) belongs to the H/ACA class of small nucleolar RNAs (snoRNAs). Vertebrate U17 is intron-encoded and ranges in length from 200-230 nucleotides, longer than most snoRNAs. It is one of the most abundant snoRNAs in human cells and is essential for the cleavage of pre-rRNA within the 5' external transcribed spacer (ETS).[1] This cleavage leads to the formation of 18S rRNA. Regions of the U17 RNA are complementary to rRNA and act as guides for RNA/RNA interactions, although these regions do not seem to be well conserved between organisms.[2]

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