Small nucleolar RNA SNORD14

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Small nucleolar RNA SNORD14
Symbol SNORD14
Alt. Symbols U14
Rfam RF00016
Other data
RNA type Gene; snRNA; snoRNA; CD-box
Domain(s) Eukaryota
GO 0006396 0005730
SO 0000593

U14 small nucleolar RNA (U14 snoRNA) is a non-coding RNA required for early cleavages of eukaryotic precursor rRNAs. In yeasts, this molecule possess a stem-loop region (known as the Y-domain) which is essential for function. A similar structure, but with a different consensus sequence, is found in plants, but is absent in vertebrates.[1] In human there are two closely related copies called SNORD14A and SNORD14B that are expressed from the intron of their host gene ribosomal protein Rps13.


  1. ^ Samarsky, DA; Schneider GS; Fournier MJ (1996). "An essential domain in Saccharomyces cerevisiae U14 snoRNA is absent in vertebrates, but conserved in other yeasts". Nucleic Acids Res. 24 (11): 2059–2066. PMC 145897Freely accessible. PMID 8668536. doi:10.1093/nar/24.11.2059. 

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