Smallman Records

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Smallman Records
Founded 1997
Founder Rob Krause, Jason Smith
Genre Punk rock, hardcore punk, indie rock
Country of origin Canada
Location Winnipeg
Official website

Smallman Records is a Winnipeg-based record label created in 1997 by Rob Krause and Jason Smith as an avenue for releasing albums from their own bands. Smallman started out as a side venture but soon became a full-time pursuit. Smallman has signed many bands that have become staples of the Canadian indie music scene such as Moneen, Choke, The Reason and Comeback Kid. In 2005, Smallman signed with Warner for distribution in Canada.

Smallman has always worked with bands that were just starting out and had no one else to help them. As a result, Smallman had to step up and assist its bands in all other aspects of the industry including management and agency duties. For bands such as Small Brown Bike, Moneen and Comeback Kid, it involved assisting them to sign with some of the largest independent labels in the world (Lookout! Records, Vagrant Records and Victory Records, respectively). Smallman has since taken over their management duties full-time, essentially creating a full-time management division.


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