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Smalltown Supersound is an independent record label based in Oslo, Norway, and dedicated to new forms of jazz, rock and electronic music.

Their catalog features albums by Annie, Jaga Jazzist, 120 Days, Mental Overdrive, Bjørn Torske, Mats Gustafsson and Sonic Youth, amongst others.

In 2004, the company launched the sub-label Smalltown Superjazzz which is intended to release "jazz with a punk attitude".


Artist Album Format
STS017 Echo Troopers/Slowburn Untitled Split 7"
STS018 Stuntbike Stuntbike 7"
STS022 Brandsdal/Brandal How to Deal with the Evil Alpha LP
STS023 Bruce Russell/Andreas Brandal Untitled Split 7"
STS024 Continental Fruit Riviera 7"
STS025 Stuntbike Sometimes 7"
STS026 Epikurs Euforie Side A Side B 10"
STS027 Stuntbike Gone CD
STS028 Echo Troopers They Said I Shouldn't Care, but I Did 7"
STS029 Elektro Nova/Electro Nova Trans-Inter-Ference 10"
STS030 Elektro Nova/Electro Nova Elektro Nova/Electro Nova 2xCD
STS031 Thee Unmist 28:59+ LP
STS032 Brandal/Nordvik Untitled Split 7"
STS033 Epikurs Euforie Heart Sounds CD
STS034 Various Artists Le Jazz Non: A Compilation of Norwegian Noise CD
STS035 Monopot Once 7"
STS036 Monopot Something Is Like Nothing Was CD
STS037 Continental Fruit Mentor Mentee CD
STS039 Hello Goodbye African Nights 7"
STS040 Larmoyant Push Here for Tiger LP
STS041 Kjetil D. Brandsdal & Mickaël Tremél Kjetil D Brandsdal & Mickaël Tremél LP
STS042 Fibo Trespo EZ AZ Elektromos LP
STS043 Kim Hiorthøy Torture Happiness 7"
STS044 Bruce Russell The Movement of the Free Spirit 10"
STS045 Jazzkammer Rolex CD
STS046 Kim Hiorthøy Hei CD
STS047 Lasse Marhaug Nothing but Sound from Now On CD
STS048 Monopot Taran EP CD
STS049 Alexander Rishaug Panorama CD
STS050 Various Artists The Smalltown Supersampler CD
STS051 Kim Hiorthøy Nu Kommer Cathrine Inn Hon Lutar Sig Mot Dörrporten 7"
STS052 Jazzkammer Turntable/Surface Fireball 2 12"
STS053 Jaga Jazzist Going Down 12"
STS054 Kim Hiorthøy Hei Remixes Part 1 12"
STS055 Merzbow/Jazzkammer Live at Molde International Jazz Festival 7"
STS056 Jaga Jazzist A Living Room Hush CD
STS057 Martin Horntveth Fast Motion CD
STS058 Monopot Optipess CD
STS059 Kevin Drumm & Lasse Marhaug Frozen by Blizzard Winds CD
STS060 Kim Hiorthøy For the Ladies CD
STS061 Kim Hiorthøy Melke CD
STS062 Sir Dupermann Sir Dupermann CD
STS063 Mats Gustafsson & Paal Nilssen-Love I Love It When You Snore CD
STS064 Jazzkammer Pancakes CD
STS066 Jaga Jazzist Days 12"
STS067 Martin Horntveth Skull EP CD
STS068 Paal Nilssen-Love/Ken Vandermark Dual Pleasure CD
STS069 Yuichiro Fujimoto Komorebi CD
STS070 Kim Hiorthøy Hopeness EP CD
STS071 The Thing Artstar 7"
STS073 Martin Horntveth Fast Motion/Skull LP
STS074 Jazzkammer & Sir Dupermann Duperkammer Remixes EP CD
STS075 Lars Horntveth The Joker CD
STS076 Mental Overdrive Diskodans CD
STS077 Paal Nilssen-Love/Håkon Kornstad Schlinger CD
STS078 The Thing Garage CD
STS079 Lars Horntveth Pooka CD
STS080 Mats Gustafsson / Sonic Youth with Friends Hidros 3 CD
STS081 Kim Hiorthøy Live Shet CD
STS082 Jaga Jazzist Magazine CD
STS083 Mental Overdrive 083 CD
STS084 Lasse Marhaug The Shape of Rock to Come CD
STS085 Paal Nilssen-Love/Ken Vandermark Dual Pleasure 2 CD
STS087 Kim Hiorthøy My Last Day CD
STS090 Various Artists Where We're At CD
STS092 Kim Hiorthøy This Record Can Not Set Me on Fire 12"
STS094 Toy Sedan through Tunnel 7"
STS096 Mental Overdrive The Phuture That Never Happened CD
STS098 Whitest Boy Alive Dreams CD
STS101 Mental Overdrive Diskodans (Remixes) 12"
STS 102 Toy Half Baked Alaska CD
STS109 Tussle Kling Klang CD
STS110 Toy Toy CD
STS111 Bjørn Torske Ny Lugg (Kort Bak/Lang På Siden) 12"
STS112 120 Days Come Out, Come Down, Fade Out, Be Gone CD
STS116 Tussle Telescope Mind CD
STS117 Bjørn Torske Feil Knapp CD
STS120 120 Days 120 Days CD
STS122 Various Artists The Portable Supersound CD
STS125 Kim Hiorthøy I'm This I'm That 7"
STS126 Lindstrøm It's a Feedelity Affair CD
STS128 120 Days Come Out, Come Down, Fade Out, Be Gone 12"
STS129 Bjørn Torske Kokt Kveite 12"
STS133 Arp In Light CD
STS134 Sunburned Hand of the Man Fire Escape CD
STS136 Various Artists Sunkissed CD
STS141 Tussle Warning CD
STS184 Diskjokke En fin tid CD

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