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Industry Betting and gaming
Founded 2008
Founder Jason Trost and Hunter Morris
Headquarters London

Smarkets is a betting exchange, founded in 2008 by Americans Jason Trost and Hunter Morris. It has offices in central London[1] and Malta, and markets itself as the more "advanced trading platform" alternative to its larger rival, Betfair. Smarkets is backed by a consortium of European investors, including former chairman Stefan Glaenzer,[2] Passion Capital and Deutsche Telekom.[3]

As a trading platform, all betting is peer-to-peer rather than against a bookmaker; Smarkets allows traders to agree odds between themselves. Establishing a reputation for its political betting,[4][5][6][7] Smarkets also offers betting on sports, current affairs and popular culture.

Smarkets has been listed as one of 10 European startups to watch by the Wall Street Journal,[8] and in 2012 was named in the Startups 100 awards as one of the UK's most innovative, inspiring and groundbreaking new companies.[9]

In April 2015, Smarkets announced that they have handled over 1 billion pounds worth of trades[10] and that figure passed the 3 billion mark[11] in 2016 after the company filed its first audited annual report.[12]

Smarkets became Queens Park Rangers' Global Betting Partner[13] in August 2015 and upgraded its sponsorship of the football team to front-of-shirt[14] in June 2016.

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