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SmartBear Software
Computer Software
Industry Technology
Founded 2009
Headquarters Boston, MA, United States
Key people

Doug McNary (CEO)

Justin Teague (president)
Number of employees

SmartBear Software is a privately-held technology company that delivers tools for application performance monitoring (APM), software development, software testing and API management. The company is headquartered in the Greater Boston Area in Assembly Square and was founded in 2009.

History and founding[edit]

Today's SmartBear Software is the result of Insight Venture Partners acquiring three companies between 2007 and early 2009. These companies include AutomatedQA, SmartBear Software, and Pragmatic Software. This collection of companies operated as AQA Holdings until it was later rebranded as SmartBear Software in 2010.[1]

After the rebranding to SmartBear Software in 2010, the company went on to acquire Eviware in 2011 leading to SoapUI's founder and API evangelist Ole Lensmar joining the company and later serving as chief technology officer (CTO) of SmartBear.[2] That same year, the company acquired APM vendor AlertSite.[3]

In 2013, SmartBear acquired Spanish APM vendor Lucierna.[4] SmartBear then acquired the Open Source Community Swagger in 2015 and its founder, Tony Tam, joined the company as head of products for Swagger and the commercial version of Swagger, SwaggerHub.[5] In 2016, SmartBear acquired (CBT) and Ken Hamric, founder of CBT, joined the company as general manager of[6]

Company organization[edit]

SmartBear is headquartered in Boston and has multiple locations across the U.S. in Texas, Tennessee, and Florida.[7] SmartBear also has offices and development centers in Ireland, Sweden, and Russia.[8] SmartBear's current CEO is Doug McNary, and the company's President and COO is Justin Teague.[9][10]


SmartBear Software offers 16 commercial products in the following categories: API readiness, software testing, monitoring, code collaboration, and code optimization, and two open-source tools: SoapUI & Swagger.[11][12]

For API readiness, SmartBear's products include SoapUI NG Pro for API Functional testing, Secure Pro for API security testing, and SwaggerHub, a Swagger-based API editor.[13][14]

SmartBear's software testing tools include TestComplete for automated testing, LoadComplete for load testing, TestLeft for functional testing, and CrossBrowserTesting, a cloud testing platform.[15][16][17][18]

For monitoring, AlertSite is SmartBear's application quality and performance monitoring tool.[19]

For code collaboration and code optimization, SmartBear offers Collaborator as a code review & document review tool, and AQtime Pro for performance profiling.[20]


  • Named in Top Places To Work 2013 by The Boston Globe[21]
  • Employee's Choice Awards – Best Medium-Sized Company to Work 2014 by Glassdoor[22]
  • Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide recognizes AlertSite as No. 2 on the list[23][24]


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