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SmartQVT icon.png
Initial release ?
Stable release 0.1.4 (February 27, 2007; 10 years ago (2007-02-27)) [±]
Written in Java
Operating system Cross-platform
Available in English
Type Software Development
License EPL

SmartQVT is a full Java open source implementation of the QVT-Operational language which is dedicated to express model-to-model transformations.

This tool compiles QVT transformations into Java programs to be able to run QVT transformations. The compiled Java programs are EMF-based applications.

It is provided as Eclipse plug-ins running on top of the EMF metamodeling framework and is licensed under EPL.


SmartQVT contains 3 main components:

  • a code editor: this component helps the user to write QVT code by highlighting key words.
  • a parser: this component converts QVT code files into model representations of the QVT programs (abstract syntax).
  • a compiler: this component converts model representations of the QVT program into executable Java programs.

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