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Founded1994; 25 years ago (1994)
Steamboat Springs, Colorado, U.S.
Area served
ProductsWool clothing
ParentVF Corporation

Smartwool is an American company founded by New England ski instructors Peter and Patty Duke in Steamboat Springs, Colorado in 1994. In 2005 The Timberland Company acquired Smartwool and in 2011 Smartwool became a subsidiary of VF Corporation upon VF Corporation's acquisition of The Timberland Company.[1][2][3][4] The company makes eponymous products primarily from treated merino wool.[5] Smartwool claims that this proprietary treatment makes its products itch-free and resistant to shrinking.[6] Smartwool is also claimed to have moisture-wicking performance and odor-reducing, anti-microbial properties; it is thus marketed primarily as performance apparel.[5] Reviews for Smartwool products are typically found in the context of equipment for hiking and other outdoor activities.[7][8] They offer products for women, men, and kids.[9]

In 2005, Smartwool implemented the requirement that its New Zealand wool suppliers no longer practice mulesing.[10] In 2010, Smartwool signed a contract to exclusively source its Merino wool from the New Zealand Merino Company.[11]


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