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Smart Technologies Corporation
IndustryComputer technology
Computer software
Founded1987; 32 years ago (1987)
FounderDavid Martin
Nancy Knowlton
HeadquartersCalgary, Alberta, Canada
Area served
Key people
Dr. Jacob Chen (Chairman), Greg Estell (CEO)
ProductsInteractive whiteboards
RevenueUS$492.9 million (FY2015)
US$24.1 million (FY2015)[1]
Number of employees
ParentFoxconn (2016–present)

Smart Technologies Corporation is a Canadian company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Founded in 1987, Smart Technologies is best known as the developer of interactive whiteboards branded as "Smart Boards".[2]


Smart Technologies introduced its interactive whiteboard, branded Smart Board, in 1991.[3][4] In 2003, Smart developed and later patented DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology.[5]

In 2009, Smart filed a patent infringement lawsuit against New Zealand-based NextWindow[6] before acquiring the company outright in 2010.[7]

On July 15, 2010 Smart Technologies placed an initial public offering on the NASDAQ stock exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), raising upwards of $660 million.[8][9] Later that year, several class action complaints were filed against SMART in the U.S. District Courts in New York and Illinois.[10][11] Filed on behalf of the purchasers of the Class A Subordinate Voting Shares in Smart's IPO in July 2010, the complaints alleged that the company did not disclose important information prior to the IPO. A settlement was reached in March 2013.[12]

As of the 2011 fiscal year end, Smart Board interactive whiteboards led the interactive whiteboard category[13] with a 63% share in the United States, 44% share in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and 47% share globally.[14]

In 2011, Smart employed about 1,700 people. On December 11, 2012, SMART Technologies announced it would begin corporate restructuring.[15] The company proceeded to lay off 25% of its employees.[16] Then-CEO Neil Gaydon stated that it would save the company approximately $40 million, and cited competition in the market as part of the reason for restructuring.[17]

In 2016, Smart was acquired by Foxconn for $200 million.[18]


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